A Conversation with Georgette Star


In mid-February, I had an hour’s conversation with Georgette Star for her Client Breakthrough Summit. That conversation was posted May 3 during the Summit. I summarized the stages and offered a perspective of current world events and the core things needed for spiritual growth. It’s remarkable to consider how much what is here has changed since that conversation. Davidya On Vimeo

A Third Conversation with Andrew Hewson

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Andrew and I first had a conversation with Dorothy Rowe last fall, then followed up with just the two of us in conversation on the stages of enlightenment. In December Andrew and I had a second conversation. And now, we’ve had another wide-ranging discussion. The focus was primarily of the refinement of perception, healing, and the unfolding of the layers of Divinity (the topic of my 2nd dissertation). On Youtube

Levels of Simplicity

Simplicity by Scott Hudson

Recently, I saw a 2010 recording of Lorn Hoff called “Zero.” In it, he talked about levels of simplicity. I enjoyed the approach, so am sharing the principle here. 3: Diversity, our usual waking state, 3D material reality. 2: Duality, a key feature of Self Realization (Cosmic Consciousness). There is an inner wakefulness with a separate outer world. 1: Oneness, Unity, when the world is also recognized to be the same Self, they unite into one wholeness. 0: Brahman. With the Brahman shift we go beyond even the subtle dualities of existence into Nothing, the simplest. It is Zero. That … Continue Reading…

What Awakens?

Cat by Iezalel Williams

Fundamentally, consciousness is simply aware. Then it becomes self-aware and interacts with itself, causing the appearance of forms and phenomena to arise. This self-interacting dynamic is true both cosmically and locally. We can say consciousness is nested or in layers. With a transcending practice like effortless meditation, we go beyond the mind and emotions, settling into simple awareness without content, pure consciousness. In its pure form, it is beyond time and space, infinite and eternal. This is usually how people come to know consciousness itself – simply resting in their own nature. And yet, often we only notice a pause … Continue Reading…

A Second Conversation with Andrew Hewson

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In September, Dorothy Rowe, Andrew Hewson and I spoke about Perspectives of Awakening. Andrew and I followed that up with a conversation on the stages of enlightenment. We both enjoyed the conversation so had another one. This time we explored the dismissal of stages, the value of understanding the bigger picture, issues with a masculine / renunciate emphasis, healing, surfacing, right action, integrating after awakening, and talking to the family about the changes. On YouTube

BatGap Second Interview Live

Rick Archer and I sat down for a second Buddha at the Gas Pump interview shortly after I arrived in California for the SAND18 Conference. In the first part, I shared updates since the first interview in 2015. But that required an extended preamble to review the prior stages in consciousness so the updates had some context. Then we explored ParaBrahman and how that is activating influences that are supporting and accelerating global awakening. (Update: Changes since the interview are mentioned in comments below. The aspects are waking up in their universal nature now.) If you haven’t already, you can … Continue Reading…

How Far, How Fast


On a recent post, questions came up about why some seem to move quickly and some slowly on the spiritual path. Also, why some seem to go further than others. The biggest thing to note up front is that it’s very difficult to gauge progress subjectively. Much of the progress and preparation takes place out of conscious awareness. We’re not conscious of changes the crown chakra is making, for example. We also have no idea how much work there is to do. But there are milestones on the journey. I can’t suggest every variable but there are some typical factors … Continue Reading…

Fast or Slow?

On an article on the Mahamarmas, Dorothy Rowe makes an excellent observation. “The slower path reveals more detail, while the faster path yields greater results. Detail satisfies the mind, results satisfy the heart. Ultimately, Being wants results with a full understanding of details.” I’ve seen people fly though the stages in consciousness. But then they had a lot of catching up to do, to integrate and get the coarser levels caught up to the inner development. In the process, the details are filled in. Others have taken years for the initial awakening to become clear. Life has a much easier … Continue Reading…

The Mahamarmas

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I’ve spoken many times about the body’s energy system. I’m not an expert but there are worthwhile observations to make. A set of 7 universal chakras or energy wheels is inserted into the bliss body and serves as a scaffolding for building life-forms. The chakras are progressively more expressed up into the energy body of specific forms. Sub-chakras are also found at various key points. Interconnecting the various chakras are energy tubes known as nadis. The larger chakras also have a spiky array of terminated nadis called chakra databanks that express the emphasis of laws of nature (devata) in that … Continue Reading…

SAND 2018


I’ll be speaking at the Science and Nonduality (SAND) conference again this fall. There was strong support to return. I’m moving more in the direction of the second book I’m working on about the nature of reality. But the constraints of time mean I’ll focus on stages again, the evolution of the observer or subject side of the equation. There is also the observed or object side and the layers of its construction. The kosha model is one way to look at that, from a more subjective view. A more object-oriented perspective outlines the stages of creation like that touched … Continue Reading…

The Awakening Intellect

On a recent retreat, Lorne Hoff spoke of the role of the intellect in awakening. I thought the point valuable to share. When we first wake up, there is often an unknowing. We step into a place we’ve never been in many lifetimes. It is Self that wakes up to itself, well beyond the mind and any concepts we may have about it. We shift from experiencing ourselves as an egoic me to infinite and eternal being. It is like nothing changes and everything changes, both. It feels perfectly ordinary and normal. We can be surprised how simple the shift … Continue Reading…

The Importance of Actual Yoga

In Yoga, the key is settling the mind. Then the Self “behind” the noisy mind can shine through. Yoga Sutra 1 v2-3: Yoga is the complete settling of the activity of the mind. Then the observer is established in their own nature. This state of quiet mind or yoga is known by many names like Samadhi, transcendence, or Turiya. Many techniques today try to force or control the mind to settle. But as this is not arising naturally, it is difficult to achieve. When it happens, a rare clear transcending may be seen as an awakening. But real Self Realization … Continue Reading…