Respect for the Personal

On articles like The Power of Mantra, I’ve mentioned the personal mode of experiencing the world through the heart. I thought we should take the point a little further. First, when we talk about experiencing angels, gods, and the Divine in form, we want to understand some distinctions. There is the level of belief and of following established rituals. These are usually based on someone’s prior experience, often passed down for hundreds of years. Those who are not “believers” may sensibly dismiss such things as superstition. Yet just because you’ve not been to Marrakesh doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. If … Continue Reading…

Healing Hazards

morning glory

Recently, Dorothy Rowe made a video called The Three Greatest Dangers of Energy Healing. I know some of you are following her work but I wanted to point out this insightful video. The issues revolve around correct understanding of the healing process so we don’t mis-credit its source or misunderstand what we’re doing. These misunderstandings can lead to side-effects and problems with healing due to an incorrect relationship with the process. The fix is easy but needs to be conscious. I’ll let her explain. On YouTube Davidya

Feeling Supported

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There is a great curiousness to the human condition. We’re bathed in a sea of love and yet many experience being alone and unsupported. Our body itself is a community on multiple levels and yet we experience being a separate individual. There is profound work in creating and sustaining our life. Yet we’re often unaware of this. Historically, we lost our connection to the Divine in the descending cycle of time. This caused us to grasp at what we still knew of, our sense of personal identity. But disconnection from the whole caused us to fall out of sync with … Continue Reading…

Astral vs Divine

Most people are oblivious to anything but the physical because of the unresolved charges in their emotional and mental arenas. This baggage creates both static noise and aversion. This is what Eckhart Tolle called the pain body. Yet the astral and divine are very much a part of ourselves and ever with us. If we leave them in a mess, we find messes. While I usually use the “7 worlds model” aka the koshas, it can be easier to classify and understand some things with the simpler 3 worlds model: Physical, astral, and divine. We can also call this earth, … Continue Reading…