The Book Box

When my first box of books arrived near the beginning of the month, I decided to take a picture of it. I discovered an interesting lighting effect and took a short video, also offered at 1/3 speed. It looks to be dust particles catching the light to varying degrees at different focal planes. But it’s a very cool effect.

Our Natural Potential Book Launch Event

Our Natural Potential Book Launch Event

On October 11, the official launch date of the book Our Natural Potential, I’ll be holding a small celebration and talk. If you happen to be in the Comox Valley, you are most welcome to join us.If not, the book will be available through most suppliers that day. Have a little treat to celebrate with us. 🙂 The launch event: Courtenay library Oct 11, 2017 6 pm – 7:30 pm 300 6th St., Courtenay, BC in the Reading room. Directions I have more news to come of further developments.

The Book is in Distribution

The printed proofs came this week and looked good. This was the last major hurdle for the book’s release. It’s remarkable to hold an actual book after all these years. The official release date for the book is October 11. It’s now available for pre-order on Amazon*, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and other outlets though I notice some variability yet on different sites. It’s being distributed to over 70 retailers around the world. I’m not sure it will do as well in the medical or Christian specialty stores though. 🙂 More Info about the book. I’m having a launch event … Continue Reading…

The 10th Anniversary

I launched this blog 10 years ago today. It’s evolved a lot in that time. It started as a simple free blog called In2Deep for sharing various topics broadly related to spirituality. This included notes from talks, videos, and so forth. As the shift settled in here, I gradually began to write more about it and what followed. I also shifted slowly to my own voice. At first I wrote under the Davidya nickname, only later sharing more of who I was after I’d wound down my tech consulting business. A few of the milestones: 2008-09 Surge in posting, sometimes … Continue Reading…

Book Update

Book Cover

Just another short update on the book on higher stages project. All the parts have finally come in, including entry into the library catalog I didn’t expect as I hadn’t applied (didn’t qualify being self-published). The book is written, edited, cover designed, graphic designed, and formatted. Now I’m compiling the book into the various file formats needed for print and ebook versions. The ebook conversion sure has bugs… I hope to upload the files soon but they then must be tested. Does the printed book look right? Does the ebook flow right? This means another lag for testing and debugging … Continue Reading…


Another little milestone. I’m now officially a Canadian publisher under the imprint Davidya Publishing. The point of this is to manage the titles in the international database of published works, get into libraries, get distributed, and so forth. I’ll be updating bits and pieces on the web site. Davidya

Book Update

Just a short update on the book on higher stages project. The project itself has been going on for several years and is a subsection of a larger work written 10 years ago. It’s been cooking a long time. This has been a slow process as it’s partly been driven by what is unfolding here and in those I know. It’s driven by the lived experience rather than just concepts. The book has completed the main editing stage and has now moved into formatting. For me, that means tackling InDesign, something I’ve not used since PageMaker days. But the learning … Continue Reading…

New Site Features

New Categories Recently, I’ve added a few new categorizes to help find article subjects more easily. I’d not updated them in some time and some of the themes have evolved. The newer categories are less used as yet but will become more useful over time. They include: Energy, Empath, Quotes, Vedic You can browse articles by Category by selecting one of them on the right sidebar. Some topics have hundreds of posts (the number indicated) making them less useful for this. More specific subjects are best found with Search, top right. New Media tab I’ve added a Media tab where … Continue Reading…

Spirit Bear

Spirit Bear

This is a more personal article. My younger son Sam is a prolific graphic artist. He’s completed 2 large graphic novels. For an Xmas present, he gave me a picture, below. As you might have guessed from an image on the About page, Bear is a nickname I carried for many years, including while he was young. The Sanskrit is Davidya. Love how it’s both sacred and playful, and blends old and new. And of course, there are other layers of meaning in there for me personally.  

Some SAND Stories

Some SAND Stories

Rick Archer is quite the networker. He was connecting people throughout the conference. It started long before the conference but began in person in the San Francisco airport where a group of us gathered and carpooled to San Jose. We came from the Canadian west coast, Amsterdam, the US midwest, the east coast, and the south. The next day was dominated by the panel discussion, shot in 2 parts of about 5 hours total. (that will be on-line when it’s ready) We were there about 9 hours plus some of us for setup the day before. I also got to … Continue Reading…

SAND Update

I’m at the SAND conference in San Jose. It’s been a very full schedule, rich with connections. There hasn’t been time for much else. I’ll be tackling comments and messages later this week. My talk went well and there where many questions. The official video crew didn’t show but the talk was videoed and audio recorded by friends so something should be available. I’ll post the slides too. The panel discussion at Sofia University had 15 participants. I was dubious this was a good idea but it gelled rather well. It was also taped but likely requires some work to … Continue Reading…

Contact Ooops

I just discovered that the Contact form entries are not being received. Not sure when this broke but if you’ve attempted to contact me using this form in the last couple of weeks, I never received the message. My apologies. I have tech support on it now. Davidya UPDATE: The form is sending properly now.