On Getting a PhD, I talked about the backstory here as an example of how ancestral trauma can influence life and perhaps conflict with our own karma and dharma. The seminary moved the graduation date up so I could do a project for them. However, as events unfolded, it became apparent that hadn’t been necessary. It seems the ancestors wanted to manage this on a different timetable. Some of you asked to see photos. As has been very common this year, the graduation was virtual. Davidya

Global Group Meditation Practice

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You’ve probably seen messages from groups organizing occasional large-scale group meditation practice. These have moved on-line where everyone practices at a synchronized time to increase collective coherence. They have repeatedly demonstrated the benefits of this for society in research done since the 1970s. Recently, to help with the current crisis, the TM organization started synced practice every day, twice a day, around the globe. This has the potential to enhance both your own practice and to add yours to the collective soothing. Simply start your practice at the times for your area or a nearby time zone. For times in … Continue Reading…


Getting a PhD

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This article is presented as a further illustration of what I explored in The Backstory. I’ve long had a powerful drive for advanced education. I thought I’d picked it up from my educated parents, for whom it was like a mantra. But it turned out to be born of trauma, not dharma. It was passed down my father’s line and also inherited by my mother. This conflicted with my personal karma and dharma, which has not been to follow traditional paths (even though I tap into their value). The current planetary cycles triggered the drive again. It surprised me how … Continue Reading…

Book Updated

      Recently, I got back into the text of Our Natural Potential to tidy a few typos, update a few small things, and add a glossary. The content is basically the same except for the glossary (and a number in the subtitle). The updates have been posted and will spread through the various outlets over the next day or so. Davidya      

Update – Glossary

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Recently, I saw a nice glossary and thought it would be a good feature for the site. I got well into it before I realized what I’d gotten my self into. I had not realized how many terms I use on this site. Nor how grumpy WordPress would be.(laughs) Many of the definitions are linked to related articles for further exploration. See the new tab on the top menu. Let me know if you see anything missing or broken. May you find it useful in exploring. Davidya Update: I’ve added a small feature at the bottom of some pages that … Continue Reading…



During 2019, I experimented with text-to-voice and podcasting. The first was a fail. The second was reasonable. But the amount of time it’s taking to record, edit, produce and learn to do better is more than doubling the time it’s taking me to post articles. The resulting subscribers and traffic are small and not growing. My apologies if you’re a listener but I’m going to stop producing podcasts of all articles. I will still post audio versions of some content and may occasionally do other conversational podcasts more typical of the style. It feels I should focus on where it … Continue Reading…

A Sabbatical


It’s been about a month since I posted the last update. As I mentioned in comments, things changed shortly after that. Off the top, I’ll mention that shifts in consciousness take just a moment to “happen.” Then over time they become integrated and fully established. This is distinct from the schedule of unfolding of a life. Karma and purification don’t end with awakening. Rather, we change our relationship with them and can go deeper and more thorough. In April, I discovered, then cleared a mechanism for creating “smoke” energetically. This turned out to be a protective covering to help shield … Continue Reading…



Recently, a generous supporter of the blog donated funds to develop the podcast. I’ve taken a podcasting course and there is new recording gear and software. The new microphone changes the acoustics of my voice and reduces background noise. You’ll hear some changes in coming posts, including an updated intro and closing. Further updates are in the works. I have several articles close to completion but they’ll have to wait until next week, after the latest retreat. Topics include Who Am I?, Brahman, and The Fear of Joy. Of course, voice quality will also evolve as I get more practice. … Continue Reading…

Satsang in Utah


As regular readers know, I occasionally give talks in various venues like a conference or a church. Michael Speight, a fellow BATGAP interviewee, has invited me to give a 2 part-satsang near Ogden, Utah later this month. It’s scheduled for Friday evening April 26 and Saturday morning April 27 followed by a potluck lunch. If you are in the area, you’re welcome to join us. Contact Michael for details and directions through the Contact form on his website. [Update] We’ll be recording the talks so I should be able to share them later. Davidya



After a failed experiment with text-to-speech automation, I decided to tackle podcasting (spoken) articles. This has taken exploration and setup to work out recording, hosting, and distribution services. But it brings the articles to another market and supports “readers” who are better able or more inclined to listen. The player, along with a download link will usually show at the bottom of articles. On the website, you’ll see the purple mic Subscribe icon with the other subscribe buttons on the right. You can subscribe through iTunes (Apple), Google, Android, email, RSS, or your favorite podcast tool. I’ve added a new … Continue Reading…

Update on Commenting

Due to updated EU privacy regulations, WordPress implemented a cookie policy that lets you choose if you want to accept a cookie or not. Yet when that was implemented it was not enabled, breaking some comment functionality here. When you comment, if you are not logged in to WordPress somewhere, you’ll see a new checkbox. Please tick the box “Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.” This will set a cookie to remember you and will also show a moderation label (I moderate all comments) AND let you edit your comment for … Continue Reading…

YouTube Update


Just to let you know, I’ve migrated to a new YouTube channel associated with this web site. New videos, like my SAND18 talk, will be posted on this channel rather than the old personal one. I’ve added the relevant old videos as Playlists on the new channel. The YouTube icon on the right sidebar links to this new channel if you’d like to subscribe. You’ll also see the usual articles on new videos too.  Other Updates As requested, I’ve scheduled new articles every 2 days. There are articles currently posted for the next 3 weeks. I may mix in news … Continue Reading…