There is an Ocean

Recently, I heard a song from my favorite Donovan album, Essence to Essence. I saw him play this live in Vancouver in the early 70’s. Not the greatest dub: On YouTube The lyrics: There is an ocean of vast proportion And she flows within ourselves. To take dips daily we dive in gaily, He knows who goes within himself. The abode of Angels, The mystical Promised Land, The one and only Heaven, the God of man Is but the closing of an eyelid away. There is a silence of pure excellence And she flows within ourselves. To appreciate, we deactivate, … Continue Reading…

Lady Lavender

Long time readers of this blog know I’m a fan of the music of Denise Hagan. The lyrics speak to the experience and her voice has a deep potency. Last night, I was listening to her music and thought I’d share some of the lyrics to Lady Lavender. May truth be beside you, May truth be before you, May truth be behind you, as queen of your heart. May truth be the vision, in eyes that see, in ears that hear, May truth never part… Further verses explore light and peace. Here’s another song. Her web site is down but … Continue Reading…

The Long Time Sun

May the long time sun shine upon you all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way home In writing another article, I thought of this verse and it seemed appropriate. However, when I looked up its source, I found another curious mis-attribution. The verse is often referred to as an Irish blessing or a Sikh or Kundalini closing prayer. It’s actually from the closing section of the long A Very Cellular Song by The Incredible String Band. The song is a mixture of parts that include an ode to an amoeba (hence the title) that … Continue Reading…

Before The World Was Made

If I make the lashes dark And the eyes more bright And the lips more scarlet, Or ask if all be right From mirror after mirror, No vanity’s displayed: I’m looking for the face I had Before the world was made. What if I look upon a man As though on my beloved, And my blood be cold the while And my heart unmoved? Why should he think me cruel Or that he is betrayed? I’d have him love the thing that was Before the world was made.   — William B. Yeats (emphasis mine) Set to music (YouTube)

Cosmically Conscious

This is a throwback song Paul McCartney wrote in an ashram in Rishikesh, India in 1968. Interestingly, 5 of the performers where also there, including Ringo Starr (briefly), Donovan, Mike Love (of the Beach Boys), and flautist Paul Horn. Singing it together again over 40 years later. The course was historical in that it brought huge attention to eastern thought and lead to millions learning to meditate. It also lead to a blossoming of music like the White Album, Paul’s Inside series, and Donovan’s Cosmic Wheels and Essence to Essence. One song was later broadcast Across the Universe. On YouTube … Continue Reading…

My Soul

As those who have been reading this blog for awhile know, I love Peter Mayer’s song Holy Now. I just ran into another of his that, due to the vagaries of web algorithms, I hadn’t run into before. This one is called My Soul.

Happiness is the Truth

“Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth” — Pharrell Williams, in the song Happy. Coming home from errands today, this song was on the radio. In a curious way, there is truth to the lyrics – not that thinking about happiness makes it truth, but that happiness, in its pure sense, arises in the anandamaya kosha or bliss body. This is also known as the causal body or by the abbreviation Ritam, referring to a Sanskrit phrase that means “that consciousness that accepts only truth.” Beneath the emotions, mind and intellect, being established there brings both happiness and … Continue Reading…

God Only Knows

BBC has recently done an “Impossible Orchestra” of well-known musicians and singers for a blended version of the Beach Boy’s song God Only Knows. (from ’66, 48 years ago) That’s London’s Alexandra Palace Theatre, home of the first-ever BBC broadcast nearly a century ago. And a lot of special effects. The main performers (though they left off the conductor) And a Behind the Scenes: Sales of the song will benefit BBC Children in Need.

The Power of History

There is the old saying: what you put your attention on grows stronger. This is true not only in your apparent individual life but in the larger community as a whole. The Lord’s Prayer would be an example, made powerful by the attention given it by many over a long time. This power is less in the words and more in the feelings and attention. As the movie The Sound of Music put it, “The hills are alive, with the sound of music, the songs we have sung, for a thousand years.” Denise Hagan spoke of how ancient melodies are … Continue Reading…

Top ‘o the Charts

What does it tell you when the top of the charts song is Happy? #6 is Let it Go. #11 – Best Day of My Life.  Of course there’s still lots of angry and pain songs. But not so many…  slowly but surely… In case it’s not clear, popular songs make conscious the current flow of the community. Same with governments and the stock market and fashion. Consciousness leads, the environment and group follow. Davidya