What Is

What? by Bonbon

Initially, most adults are in that place of “what I want.” New Age approaches may amplify that, such as goal-setting our desires. Alas, so often we’ve learned to resist what we don’t want and grasp at what we do, sometimes engaging in a perpetual battle with life. This doesn’t support fulfilment but perpetuates what we don’t want. We may play the role of the victor or the victim, but in either case, that’s about controlling life rather than being with what is here. Some get into a concept of needing to fix themselves, perpetually taking self-help workshops. They see themselves … Continue Reading…

The Child Identity

Child by Mao Yue

I used to write regularly about the 3 am-egos, what Adyashanti called head, heart, gut. Essentially, with Self Realization the me-concept (head) ends when the Self wakes up to itself through the apparent person. The mind goes quiet for a moment and the Self recognizes itself under the noise. Another way to frame me-concept is ego identification. Mind identifying its self-sense with our individuality. When the mind settles, it’s seen through because it’s mind-made. As we settle into Self Realization (even sometimes prior), we discover energetic drivers behind those self-concepts. Even though we’ve stopped believing in our old me-idea, life … Continue Reading…


Sophia by Young Shanahan

Readers of the blog know I’ve studied world philosophies, particularly Vedic. If you study to higher degrees, you usually end up with a Doctor of Philosophy in your field. The roots of “philosophy” are interesting. It comes from a Greek term with 2 parts: Philo and Sophia. The first, Philo, means love. The Greeks described several kinds of love. Philo relates to the form called Philia, defined as social or brotherly love. We can say a loyalty or devotion to knowledge. Sophia is the second meaning wisdom. Thus, philosophia was for lovers of wisdom. Sophia (then called Sirach) was the … Continue Reading…

What is Flow?

flOw by Manuel Sagra

This came up in a discussion and I thought it worth sharing. Flow is the movement of primary qualities of nature through the physiology. We could say the movement of consciousness with qualities. When our identification with being a separate individual softens and lets go, nature can move through us. We’re much less in the way of the universal flows of life. This may begin prior to awakening or well after. It depends on when we’re clear enough through the lower koshas for these qualities to flow. This process has been called the liberation of the laws of nature that … Continue Reading…

A Third Conversation with Andrew Hewson

Blue feather

Andrew and I first had a conversation with Dorothy Rowe last fall, then followed up with just the two of us in conversation on the stages of enlightenment. In December Andrew and I had a second conversation. And now, we’ve had another wide-ranging discussion. The focus was primarily of the refinement of perception, healing, and the unfolding of the layers of Divinity (the topic of my 2nd dissertation). On Youtube

A Devotional Practice

Namaste by Pretty Pixels

I’ve been a little remiss here. I write extensively about the importance of transcending. It is a foundational practice to establish true Yoga and develop enlightenment. But I’ve talked much less about the role of devotion. Some people are on a Bhakti or devotional path. But all of us need some of that, in whatever form suits us. This is because of the key role the heart takes in the evolutionary process. Without that, our life is dry and flat – even if we’re able to realize the Self. A constrained heart limits our potential and the stages that can … Continue Reading…

Am I Lovable?

photo by 1970 Lincoln Continental

When we have a healthy sense of self-confidence, we’re motivated to take care of ourselves and work towards our goals. However, we can also be motivated to similar things by a desire to prove we’re lovable, that we have value. In the latter case, we don’t fundamentally believe it so we’re looking for it outside of ourselves. Yet love doesn’t come from outside of us so we’re bound to be disappointed. We can’t prove love with success or relationships because we’re bringing something to the table those things can’t meet. This leads to pain and suffering. For example, if we … Continue Reading…

Redemptive Love – Adyashanti

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During his talk at SAND 2019, Adyashanti shared an experience of redemptive love and went on to talk of the transforming power of deeper values of love. An excellent talk. I wrote about a prior talk he gave on this topic. Also, here’s an article that puts it into some larger context, as a stepping stone to universal, and then Divine love. Davidya on YouTube

A Second Conversation with Andrew Hewson

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In September, Dorothy Rowe, Andrew Hewson and I spoke about Perspectives of Awakening. Andrew and I followed that up with a conversation on the stages of enlightenment. We both enjoyed the conversation so had another one. This time we explored the dismissal of stages, the value of understanding the bigger picture, issues with a masculine / renunciate emphasis, healing, surfacing, right action, integrating after awakening, and talking to the family about the changes. On YouTube

A Second Conversation with Craig Holliday

A Second Conversation with Craig Holliday

The Association for Spiritual Integrity (ASI) is holding a series of peer-to-peer discussions. In August, Craig Holliday and I conversed on spiritual bypassing. That was posted here. The video quality wasn’t great, so I just posted the audio. Later the same month, we had another conversation along the same lines. At last it’s available. We spoke to a wide range of topics around healing, ethics and challenges in spiritual groups, bypassing, and the nature of the current time. The conversations are on spiritual integrity so there is some overlap with the first conversation. But much of it is distinct. For … Continue Reading…

A Conversation with Andrew Hewson on the Stages of Enlightenment


After our conversation with Dorothy Rowe earlier this month, Andrew Hewson suggested we have another conversation ourselves. We explored the stages of enlightenment and some variations in terminology around the topics. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did. On YouTube

The Utah Talks – 2

Lake Powell, Utah

< Talk 1 This talk started with a 10 min meditation that was not recorded. I start with a bit about listening from silent presence rather than the mind. As one participant said, they didn’t understand any of it but really enjoyed listening. (laughs) Theres a bit of breakup towards the end of this talk. Links to Topics: Doership Free Will and Determinism Natures Support Association of Spiritual Integrity The Humanity of a Teacher Right Action Wake Up, Grow up, Clean Up Dorothy Rowe Hypnosis Sanskrit vs English Name and Form Stages of Becoming The Structure of the World Cognition … Continue Reading…