Getting off the Horses

During the second part of the Sofia panel discussion, David Ellzey surprised us with a snippet of spontaneous and surprisingly expressive mime. In the video linked below,  he speaks about letting go of our stories, the noisy horses of our mind. Really enjoyed this. (sorry – settings block posting the video here)

Sacred Cows

If you enjoyed the film What the Bleep, one of it’s makers, Betsy Chasse, has recently published a book called Tipping Sacred Cows. In this case, the Sacred Cows are our personal stories about the world. You may enjoy her blog post about it – full of metaphor. The only difference I’d suggest is that replacing stories about the past with stories about the future is just changing the breed of cow. The key to the love she opened to at the fireplace is being in the present with what is here now. Including him. Davidya

The Right Answer

The MOTH is “true stories told live“. Recently, I’ve been sent a couple of links to such talks. Some are on YouTube. More are on their web site as podcasts (audio). One suggested was Jen Lee on “Targeted” – “An evangelist searches for souls and customers in the aisles of a Target store.” On growing up in a Fundamentalist family involved in Mary Kay. When helping another friend solve a pop-up window problem (MOTH is unwisely using pop-ups for their podcasts), I caught this phrase 8 min in: “Whenever you have something, whether it’s a religion or a business, or … Continue Reading…

Howard or Here

Robert Fulghum is a former minister and school teacher best known as an author. He uses stories to illustrate principles of life and living. His first and most famous book “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” was subtitled “Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things.” I’ve quite enjoyed several of his books over the years. (more quotes) In his book Uh-Oh, he’s asked by a reporter if he believes in God. He tells the story of his childhood learning of the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father, which art in heaven, Howard be Thy name.” Given that his grandfather had … Continue Reading…


To quote Monty Python, and now for something completely different… In the style of using Youtube clips to communicate, here is my response to some friendly chiding. Vancouver Ad Vancouver Yoga A flash mob that launched a 10 day party (during the Olympics)(in February) And to be honest, Vancouver stereotypes that are true: And yes, we wear socks with sandals. I like Tevas.

The Building

Picture a building made for people who can fly. There is no entrance anywhere near the ground level. People in the building tell everyone about all the cool stuff there and how to get in. But the people who come to the building can’t see the way. The door they’re expecting isn’t found. Some circle the building, looking for an open window or a trick to get in. Others bang on the glass, hoping to get someones attention. Still others dance or sing, hoping to please someone. Some get angry and throw things. But occasionally someone accidentally walks under the … Continue Reading…

I am That

Please excuse the long lag. The studies continue. But i thought you might enjoy this little story. I have no idea of it’s source or validity. But it amuses. Long ago in India a mighty Monarch was to be honoured in the great banquet hall. The Ministers were seated on the right, the provincial Kings on the left. The Noblemen, Generals and other titled dignitaries were assembled in all their ceremonial robes according to rank. All was in readiness–only the central seat was vacant–everyone waited for the Monarch’s entrance.. At that time the door opened and a wandering ascetic came … Continue Reading…

Love for David

Simon, that is. He runs the Chopra Center, an Ayurvedic health clinic. I recently mentioned they plan to open a second one here. “In the amazing and mysterious ways of the universe, earlier this week, I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.” He goes under the knife tomorrow. “If you wish to lend your support, which I would greatly appreciate, here’s what you can do: 1. Keep my family and me in your prayers. Knowing that the collective plays a vital role in shaping reality, I sincerely welcome your loving thoughts and good intentions. 2. The Chopra Center team … Continue Reading…


“Peace is not something you wish for; it’s something you make, something you do, something you are, something you give away.” — Robert Fulghum Author of All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, now in a 15th anniversary edition and What on Earth Have I Done? plus others. Resident of Pacific Northwest. And Greece. The advantage of life as a writer. If you’ve not read him before, you can get the sense of his writing style on his web site.