Perspectives on Awakening


Dorothy Rowe organized an on-line conversation with Andrew Hewson and I on a range topics around awakening. This included chasing experiences and hallucinogenics, integration, consciousness, healing, and refinement. Dorothy is an energy healer who works from pure Being. Andrew is a Non-dual teacher with a strong heart emphasis. On YouTube

A Conversation on Bypassing


The Association for Spiritual Integrity (ASI) is holding a series of peer-to-peer discussions. In this conversation, Craig Holliday, a spiritual teacher and therapist, and I discuss how spiritual practices and concepts can be used to escape from the world or our unresolved trauma. Neither of us was happy with the quality of the recorded video so we may have a second conversation. I wrote about the ASI when they launched last fall. Other peer-to-peer discussions can be found on the ASI blog. Davidya

Where is the Resistance?

Resistance by Monika

The experience of resistance can be a very useful flag. But it’s important to look into it and see where it’s coming from. Is it within us or from around us? Where do we feel it? If an event arises in life and we have a strong and sustained reaction, we know there is an inner resistance and an emotional charge here to be resolved. For example, someone makes an off-hand comment that dismisses something important to us. Do we roll our eyes or flame up in anger and resentment? The latter shows a past experience is influencing our present. … Continue Reading…

The Utah Talks – 2

Lake Powell, Utah

< Talk 1 This talk started with a 10 min meditation that was not recorded. I start with a bit about listening from silent presence rather than the mind. As one participant said, they didn’t understand any of it but really enjoyed listening. (laughs) Theres a bit of breakup towards the end of this talk. Links to Topics: Doership Free Will and Determinism Natures Support Association of Spiritual Integrity The Humanity of a Teacher Right Action Wake Up, Grow up, Clean Up Dorothy Rowe Hypnosis Sanskrit vs English Name and Form Stages of Becoming The Structure of the World Cognition … Continue Reading…

The Utah Talks – 1

Salt Lake City

Traveling into Utah was a distinctive experience. The altitude is over 4,000 feet and the air dry. The plain by a salt lake is surrounded by large mountains. Salt Lake City has no apparent apartment towers and is spread wide. This is Mormon country. The entire county has streets and addresses laid out on a grid starting from the main temple. The group consciousness has a curious constraint and unsettledness. The talks took place in a private residence, about 2 dozen chairs spread through the living and dining rooms. Attendees were a very diverse group – in age, stage, background, … Continue Reading…

Nested Bliss

Velvia Bliss by Taomeister

I’ve spoken before about nested space and about layers of bliss. The causal kosha is also known as the bliss body as we often experience it as a wave of bliss when we pass through it, as when transcending during meditation. But why then are there layers of bliss that can include massive increases and raptures? This comes back to nested spaces. We exist in a personal space, in the space of our family, in the space of our community, city, province, country, world, solar system, galaxy, galactic cluster, supercluster, unnamed region, and universe. At the event horizon of each … Continue Reading…

Awakening Attitude


Recently, I saw an excellent article by John Welwood in Tricycle magazine called The Psychology of Awakening. Too often, awakening and psychological health are seen as different worlds even though they’re closely entwined. “…even among advanced spiritual practitioners, certain islands — unexamined complexes of personal and cultural conditioning, blind spots, or areas of self-deception — may often remain intact within the pure stream of their realization.” This is very true. They can remain unseen until events trigger them. Yet even then, if we see ourselves as separate from our humanity, we may excuse our bad behaviour or blame others. I’ve … Continue Reading…

Ways of Seeing, Modes of Living


The world around us can be perceived through several distinct lenses. Our past experiences certainly are a major influence, not to mention our dominant sense, our culture (group consciousness), our stage of development, and so forth. Through an appropriate spiritual practice that brings transcendence (Samadhi, Turiya), we not only touch into consciousness (presence) but we refine the physiology and our senses of perception. Refinement takes place through purification of the subtle layers of our physiology and a shift in the overall tone or dominant guna we carry. This combination refines our perceptual abilities. Each of us comes into this life … Continue Reading…

Chitheads Interview


On December 11, I chatted with Jacob Kyle on the Chitheads* podcast from Embodied Philosophy. He suggested we’d chat for about 45 minutes but we went an hour and a half. Even there, we skimmed a lot of the territory he wanted to cover.   They list these topics: – Davidya’s continual journey of awakening – 7 stages of consciousness – Awakening inside and outside of a tradition – Chasing experience – “Feeling value” and its role in the process of awakening – Personal and impersonal – changing focus – Ethics and awakening – three folds of the ego – Rising … Continue Reading…

Dreaming Awake

rainbow lcd

Last month, Lori Ann Lothian posted an article about her awakening process. In it she described how she recently woke up, then realized she had lost her prior awakening during a 2-year series of difficult events. She’d been living in a kind of dream or memory of being awake but didn’t realize it until she’d woken up again.   As is typical of Lori, it is an open, honest, and direct sharing. I agree that some spiritual teachers who consider themselves enlightened have fallen into a similar boat. For example, having to come back to Self to refresh it is … Continue Reading…

The Hard Nuts


As we shift into a greater awareness of our energy and feelings, we can find all sorts of contractions and resistance. But over time, simple awareness allows us to experience, release, and resolve whatever we discover.   But usually there is some crusted areas like the heart chakra, covered for “protection” but thus constrained and made less conscious. There can also be some hard knots or nuts that are more so. Often quite old, these are very tight contractions. They can be so tight they become inflamed, much as a star can light up from intense gravitational forces. This inflammation … Continue Reading…

Dominant Sensing

park sunset

Over the years, I’ve written about our Dominant Sense, the sense that dominates our way of relating to the world and our typical style of spiritual experiences. I’ve also written how we actually have 7 primary senses and explored the origin of our sensing. Reading this blog, you may have noticed that the author is visual. I often have visual experiences and use visual language like “lit up” or “seeing” to describe knowing.   Visual people are more mind-oriented and conceptual because sight and mind are driven by the same energy, the gut chakra. Visual experiences may seem fancier and … Continue Reading…