Stroke of insight

In the 18 minute clip on the below link, Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor talks at the TED conference about her personal experience of a stroke. She had a blood vessel burst in her left brain causing her to gradually lose functions. Because of her background, she was able to monitor the shift and explore the consequences as a scientist. The experience also gave her a spiritual epiphany. She describes the experience and her discoveries. A remarkable story. In the clip, she describes (and shows) the 2 hemispheres of the brain. She goes over how the hemispheres differ, that the … Continue Reading…


A couple of times on this site, I have mentioned Adam, the Dreamhealer. (on Biology and Whats Up) When I first met him, he was still a teenager, just starting university. I was attending a conference up at SFU and when he came up on the schedule as a ‘healer’, I expected some sort of frail sensitive. I was most surprised to see a fit, handsome young man, a jock even. He was limping slightly, due to an injury he had just sustained kick-boxing. Hadn’t had time to heal himself. My preconceptions about healers were destroyed that evening. He made … Continue Reading…

Whats up?

From a discussion on Adam, the Dreamhealer and unexplained phenomenon. As Adam has observed, in our culture we focus on the physical, the surface values of our experience. Less physical things like electricity and magnetism are somewhat mysterious. Many people are only vaguely aware that they have thoughts, and feelings are often these apparently random events that wash over us. We have no context for subtler values of anything. Physics however tells us there is a whole host of subtler values, many with different laws of nature operating. If we do a systematic study on the subjective side of the … Continue Reading…

Understanding our biology

In this article Adam, the Dreamhealer, talks about his University studies of molecular biology. “Through studying Molecular Biology, I am increasing my understanding of healing as I “see” it. Many people seem to be under the impression that “modern medicine” understands almost everything that is happening in our cells since the sequencing of the human genome was completed in 2003. While studying molecular biology and biochemistry it has become apparent to me just how little we actually know.” [article removed]

Judith Orloff

Judith is a highly intuitive Psychiatrist I met in Vancouver about a year ago. She gave a presentation on empathy and empathics.  Recently, she has been releasing a series of short videos on YouTube. “I’ll cover topics including intuition, dreams, transforming negative emotions, and how to tap the power within.” Today, I’m pleased to offer “Intuitive Decision Making: The Power of Positive Intention.”