Levels of Simplicity

Simplicity by Scott Hudson

Recently, I saw a 2010 recording of Lorn Hoff called “Zero.” In it, he talked about levels of simplicity. I enjoyed the approach, so am sharing the principle here. 3: Diversity, our usual waking state, 3D material reality. 2: Duality, a key feature of Self Realization (Cosmic Consciousness). There is an inner wakefulness with a separate outer world. 1: Oneness, Unity, when the world is also recognized to be the same Self, they unite into one wholeness. 0: Brahman. With the Brahman shift we go beyond even the subtle dualities of existence into Nothing, the simplest. It is Zero. That … Continue Reading…

Adyashanti on Awakened Consciousness

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In this clip of an Adyashanti talk, he speaks of the changed perspective of awakened consciousness and how that shift impacts the whole. The latter is a very important point because this is how the many awakened are changing the world. They are raising the degree of consciousness expressed in the world. The tide lifts all boats. This is also causing a lot of unresolved junk to come to the surface to be seen and resolved, creating extra drama on the world stage. I’ll be posting more on this topic soon. There is one point I disagree with. That God … Continue Reading…

A Second Conversation with Andrew Hewson

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In September, Dorothy Rowe, Andrew Hewson and I spoke about Perspectives of Awakening. Andrew and I followed that up with a conversation on the stages of enlightenment. We both enjoyed the conversation so had another one. This time we explored the dismissal of stages, the value of understanding the bigger picture, issues with a masculine / renunciate emphasis, healing, surfacing, right action, integrating after awakening, and talking to the family about the changes. On YouTube

Four Flavours of Dharma


I’ve observed that while dharma is often translated to mean purpose, it more precisely means ‘that which sustains‘ – those actions which sustain the world so we can grow and evolve through experiences. Otherwise, entropy sets in and it all dissolves. I’ve also spoken of the 4 legs of the bull of dharma: Tapas – warming Saucha – purity Daya – compassion Satya – truth During a low age, only the leg of truth remains as a clear path. As the age rises, dharma is supported more and more. Thus a smoother and more roundly successful life can unfold. It … Continue Reading…

Brahman Plus

Brahman, photo by Drew Coffman

This article spins out of a discussion in comments on Is Brahman God, an article from November 2014. All experiences and the world arise from consciousness interacting with itself. For a materialist that sees consciousness as a byproduct of the physical brain, this may seem delusional and ridiculous. And yet if we undertake an experiential study of consciousness itself, we soon experience consciousness by itself. This is known as samadhi or turiya. It gradually becomes clear that consciousness is not a byproduct but is the source of experience. The mind and brain are vehicles for that process, supporting and functioning … Continue Reading…

A Conversation with Andrew Hewson on the Stages of Enlightenment


After our conversation with Dorothy Rowe earlier this month, Andrew Hewson suggested we have another conversation ourselves. We explored the stages of enlightenment and some variations in terminology around the topics. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did. On YouTube

Perspectives on Awakening


Dorothy Rowe organized an on-line conversation with Andrew Hewson and I on a range topics around awakening. This included chasing experiences and hallucinogenics, integration, consciousness, healing, and refinement. Dorothy is an energy healer who works from pure Being. Andrew is a Non-dual teacher with a strong heart emphasis. On YouTube

Action and Support


The recent article Natures Support lead to some further questions and discussion that are worth exploring. Karma is an eastern word that means action. It is energy with a motivator in it. For every action there is an equal reaction, a consequence. Usually, when people are talking about karma, they’re talking consequences. When we resist what is arising in our life, we can prevent the flow of energy from completing. Thus it cycles around again in the future. This is the wheel of karma. If there has been a history of resistance, which is typical, a backlog builds up. This … Continue Reading…

Ways of Seeing, Modes of Living


The world around us can be perceived through several distinct lenses. Our past experiences certainly are a major influence, not to mention our dominant sense, our culture (group consciousness), our stage of development, and so forth. Through an appropriate spiritual practice that brings transcendence (Samadhi, Turiya), we not only touch into consciousness (presence) but we refine the physiology and our senses of perception. Refinement takes place through purification of the subtle layers of our physiology and a shift in the overall tone or dominant guna we carry. This combination refines our perceptual abilities. Each of us comes into this life … Continue Reading…

Chitheads Interview


On December 11, I chatted with Jacob Kyle on the Chitheads* podcast from Embodied Philosophy. He suggested we’d chat for about 45 minutes but we went an hour and a half. Even there, we skimmed a lot of the territory he wanted to cover.   They list these topics: – Davidya’s continual journey of awakening – 7 stages of consciousness – Awakening inside and outside of a tradition – Chasing experience – “Feeling value” and its role in the process of awakening – Personal and impersonal – changing focus – Ethics and awakening – three folds of the ego – Rising … Continue Reading…

Offering Back Everywhere

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Previously, I wrote about Offering it Back, then Offering Back Everything.   When we shift from being a “me” that wants to control into recognizing ourselves as wholeness, we can directly experience the benefits of offering everything that arises in life back to source. Our benefits, our achievements, our challenges – we can offer everything back. If you allow the flow of life, everything arises from source to help you heal, grow, or resolve. Curving it back to source continues the process. This amplifies the benefits and supports resolving what is completing.   Where do you offer it back to? … Continue Reading…

The Soul Song

Concerto in G minor

Every cell, every organ and system, every object in your environment, everything arises in a nested space with a specific vibration or “song.” These nested spaces are created by flowing awareness curving back on itself. Globally, this means becoming self-aware. Yet consciousness continues to flow and continues to curve back on itself in smaller and smaller loops, increasing in density until the space within the loops manifests as actual space. This continues in increasing density until it expresses as form. (There are various perspectives of this process.) “Curving Back on Myself, I Create Again and Again.” – Krishna, in the … Continue Reading…