Reviews for Our Natural Potential

Book Cover“Impressively informed and informative, exceptionally well written, organized and presented, ‘Our Natural Potential: Beyond Personal Development, The Stages of Enlightenment’ is a life altering, life enhancing read. While unreservedly recommended for both community and academic library Self-Help / Self-Improvement collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that ‘Our Natural Potential’ is also available in a digital book format.”
– Midwest Book Review, January 2018

“David Buckland has produced an astounding book that is surely a “must have” for anyone interested in the fine mechanics of the enlightenment process. It is rare for someone to be able to talk (from experience) about what is prior to consciousness. Most people in the “non-duality” scene these days think that consciousness is all there is… They will be in for a surprise as they read this book! ‘Our Natural Potential’ is unique in that its wisdom comes from someone who has gone through all these shifts personally, and can also back up this first hand knowledge with ancient scriptural understanding. (David has an MA in Vedic Science) There are very clear explanations of the stages of this process, and what characteristics they contain. It also explains what will drop at various levels…. This book contains invaluable knowledge for anyone on the path, and will certainly clear up a lot of misconceptions that are out there about the subject of enlightenment! Thank you for this eye opening work David!”
– Chris Gartner on Amazon.ca

This book is really an exceptional rare gem among spiritual literature! It speaks about a topic that most spiritual people do not know that exists. Even most awake spiritual teachers today are not aware of the potential that we humans have that is described in this work. The topic itself is simple but deeply needed to be spoken about: That there is no one final awakening or enlightenment but a series of shifts if the person does its clearing, remains open and does not fall into the trap of “being done”…”
– Michael on Amazon.com

“It was very helpful for me. I appreciated the careful attention to detail and how each chapter included a number of ways of thinking about the topics from poetic, intellectual to experiential. I have a much better handle on the entire process and that brings me more relaxation about it.”
– Sohlea Rico

“I would like to share a heart resonance of grace and gratitude for the divine unfolding of the book ‘Our Natural Potential’, which was authored through you. It has been easy to flow with, read and when the small mind rests aside, the beauty of the unfolding that has arisen in between the words and structural layout has been significant. Am deeply appreciative as self has seen itself through what was read and more unfolding has arisen here. Thank you so so much for continuing to open the pathways of truth and freedom in this elegant way. Will be sharing it with others for whom awakening and beyond is at the forefront.”
– Vivi C.

“Many spiritual aspirants assume or are taught that there is one watershed breakthrough which can universally be agreed upon as final “Realization.”…In this book, David effectively dispels that notion. What some might regard as a final destination, he regards as a good foundation upon which to build much more profound, gratifying stages of development.”
― Rick Archer, Buddha at the Gas Pump, from the book’s Foreword

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