Source Connection Series

Source Connection Series

Later this month, Malika is sharing another series of conversations, this time on our direct source connection. She said the format will be different and has invited me, along with Stefan and others. Malika and I will record our conversation this weekend.

[Update: due to an unexpected challenge, our conversation was postponed a couple of days. But we did have a very deep healing session.]

[Update 2: We recorded our conversation.]

The series is free if you watch them within 48 hours of going live. If you subscribe to her newsletter, you’ll get the daily updates. I’ll also update here when our conversation goes up.

Update: The talk was posted early as a “favorite”, along with Stefan’s. New post here.


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      1. Hi Lew
        They’ll be somewhere in the hour to hour and a half range, I suspect. We’ll see. I’m aware of 8 speakers total, and she’ll be posting them 2 per day. You may not be interested in all the speakers though. It’s quite a range.

  1. Peter Goodman

    I am planning on attending.
    David, this is where I found Malika. Through Malika I found Stefan.
    Thank you!
    I have upcoming sessions with Malika; an Activation and Healing session.
    In the last Healing session with Malika she suggested that I take control of a part. She would deal with a part. And she recommended Stefan. I followed her guidance. After I completed the steps she proposed is when I could schedule this upcoming Healing session. I am looking forward to “see” if I am cleaner or clearer. I am still dealing with what has been clearing from my nervous system.
    My spiritual time now includes TM and the TM sidhi’s, the Primordial Sound from her, and an Istadevetta technique from a Joytishi who was with Maharishi.
    I use techniques to set up a condition for Awakening along with being as life supporting as I can in activity.
    The Awakening will occur. That I “feel” is certain. When does not matter. I wait on nothing. I am not anticipating or expecting IT. IT will occur when the time is most opportune. That will be the perfect timing.
    Thank you David for this Blog, who you are, and where you are. You are an inspiration to all of us.

    1. You’re welcome, Peter. I’ve also met Stefan too. And I have a healing before the conversation. So I’ll be expansive to start. 🙂

      OK – just be sure you’re getting lots of activity to ground all that. That’s a lot of practice. Awakening can only be sustained on a stable platform. More practices won’t bring it faster.

      1. Peter Goodman

        Thank you for the advice and observations.
        I will moderate.
        I keep a close “eye” on if I am being overwhelmed.
        I do drown myself in activity. I am 70 and still working in the Construction Industry as a Project Manager. I do a lot of walking and stairs each day as a part of my job duties for my employer.
        Thank you David! You are a nice person, is what I intuit.

  2. Anthony

    Namaste, Davidyaji.
    Really looking forward to watching/hearing this conversation with you and Malika. So I guess you will be notifying us by email when the conversation goes live?
    Thank you

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