Come Together

Come Together

Together by Lisa Zins
Together by Lisa Zins

The process of enlightenment is all about uniting.

In Self Realization, the jiva recognizes itself as Atman, the point value recognizes its universality. The Self wakes up to itself through this form.

In the Unity stage, we recognize subject and object to be one and they collapse together in wholeness.

In God Realization, we recognize our expressed form of the Divine is Atman, the Self.

In Brahman, remaining subtle dualities like conscious-not conscious or existence-nonexistence collapse into one totality. It is the resolution of remaining paradoxes.

In ParaBrahman, only pure Divinity remains. We recognize everything we experience to be Divine qualities or Shaktis.

We can make these points retrospectively from a later perspective. We may not see it this way when that shift happens.

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  1. Sandesh Sheth

    What happens when you interact with someone? What happens when you see something sad or happy? Do you see yourself watching yourself like a self aware movie screen that is at the same time the screen, the projector, the characters? When you see all as one, do you feel the joy and pain of the other or that there is no thing like joy or pain?
    So many questions on this side and no answers.

    1. Hi Sandesh
      The answers come when it’s the experience. Mind wants to know but that’s just seeking concepts. Those doesn’t help with living it.

      Interactions are the same but where you experience them from changes based on your perspective. And how you respond changes as you heal.

      It’s not so much the person that changes as where we are in relation to the person. As the person, as consciousness observing the person, and so forth.

      There is a point where you may experience life like a movie. But generally speaking, that’s a phase. As it integrates more, there’s less separation, as this article describes.

      We continue to experience joy and pain but the impressions of those experiences evolve from lines on rock to lines on sand, to lines on water, then lines on air. Just flowing experience.

      As the heart opens, we’re able to experience unconditional love, compassion, and happiness without boundary. We become capable of experiencing the suffering of the world and begin to help heal some of that. In a sense, life becomes gradually less personal and more and more cosmic. But that’s not entirely meaningful until the experience unfolds.

      We continue to have the full range of emotions. In fact, emotions are liberated too, so we experience them more fully and richly. But without attachment, they rise, are experienced, and complete.

      As always, how it will unfold specifically for you or anyone else will vary. We all have our own lives, karma, and dharma. We all have our role in evolving the whole.

      The best thing is to let go and enjoy the ride as best you can. It’s all about the journey. 🙂

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