Experience This Moment As It Is…

Experience This Moment As It Is…

Throw off the bonds of your conditioning and fear and celebrate the wonder of being here.
Experience this moment as it is, connected by breath and essence to the whole.
You couldn’t be separate if you tried.

Live this day as if the earth exhales blessings in your direction, as if trees speak their deepest secrets in your ear, as if bird songs can lift you outside your ordinary state of mind and bring you into truth.

Be the creative juice flowing through the universe.
Be silence and stillness, the ocean of love so palpable that not one cell of you disputes the truth that you are that.
– Danna Faulds

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    1. Ah, thanks Uli. Have no idea why her site didn’t come up in searches here. It is an unusual one though, with little text on the home page or in meta tags. It is quite current though.
      (It doesn’t have a security certificate, so your browser may object. That may be why it wasn’t in the search results.)

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