Yoga Sutra 2: Q&A

Yoga Sutra 2: Q&A

After the Yoga Sutra talk, I did a Q&A with students. These were on the broader implications of Yoga philosophy.

To simplify the permissions process for making this public, I’ve placed a graphic over everyone but Andrew and I. If you find this annoying visually, you can listen to the audio version below.

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  1. Harriet

    Lovely. What a blessing for the students. It was Kristin Kirk you were talking about at the end, of course – I have watched her on batgap and yes she is amazing. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. harrison

    This is fantastic David – I have five different translations of this work and yours adds to our capacity to access more of the deep knowledge Patanjali embodies. Looking forward to your commentary. A big thank you…

    1. Thanks, Harrison. I’m not sure if it will take the form of a commentary, although certainly some main points would be important. My original thought was more like Guardians of Being, an illustrated translation. But who knows? I have a number of project outlines. It takes a lot of work to actually write them. And that’s just the first of many steps…

      I’ve been told I’m going to write a completely different kind of book. We’ll see…

  3. In the Q&A I mentioned my teachers teacher took 14 years to find a teacher. It was 4 years (on foot) by which time he was 14 years old.

    He is said to have been enlightened by 25, joined a Shankara swami order at about 33 at the Khumbha Mela then lived much of his life in the forest. He was made Shankaracharya of Jyotirmath (north seat) at 72 in 1941 after having been asked for some time.

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