Some Math

Some Math

Math bag by Quinn Dombrowski
Math bag by Quinn Dombrowski

This article explores some numeric correspondences that have deeper connections. Some of it is speculative.

The 7th or crown chakra is composed of 1,000 petals. This chakra runs the opening and some activity of the 6 lower chakras but is mostly out of our awareness, much like many bodily functions.

The chakras are managed by a set of 50 devata each, working together to create sutras of light (subtle geometry) and mantra (vibration) to produce experiences and form.

There seem to be 50 sounds used by the 50 devata. Our human approximation of these sounds is the Sanskrit alphabet.

There are also 50 petals on the lower 6 chakras. I’ve seen descriptions of which petal has which sound and produces which qualities, but that appears to be misaligned.

There are 7 primary chakras and 13 primary sub-chakras (hands, elbows, shoulders, feet, knees, hips, and the high heart). That totals 20 chakras.

20 chakras x 50 devata = 1,000, the same as the crown chakra.

Sarva* loka, the abode of the Divine Mother, has 19 enclosures (described in the Devi Bhaagavatum). Sarva loka is within Brahma loka, making 20. But the connection here isn’t clear, even after sitting with it a bit.

The principle of nested spaces, layer within layer, shows us that fundamental patterns repeat themselves throughout creation. Recognizing the patterns helps us understand how the world works. Very complex yet easy-to-understand principles.

*Sarva means wholeness or all

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  1. Anne

    So beautiful. Thank you David ! Would it be for the highest good coming from a devotional aspect to Bless our energies within and also the devas and devatas associated with our Chakras?
    Than you

    1. Hi Anne

      Thanks! Big topic. I’ve found it valuable to culture gratitude. Not in making a mood but in recognizing the blessings given.
      If something is in your experience, then yes. But I’d be cautious about devotion to concepts or beliefs as those can be misguided.
      Also, caution with ideas about what is doing the blessing. There’s a distinction between giving thanks for what we have received and considering our devotion to be a blessing. The latter can taint it with self-importance, which isn’t really a thank you. Some beings will consider it disrespectful. (You may not have intended this implication, but just to be clear.)
      Subtle beings operate in what we’d experience as a feeling space. It’s very clear to them where we’re coming from. If it’s honest devotion and gratitude, it’s refreshing for them. Most of us take them for granted or even curse them.

  2. I’ve tried counting the number of petals in the crown chakra but always lose count–they look so much alike… Also, what about our favorite number 108? OM then 3 gunas, then 5 elements, and more combinations to 108 and beyond.

    1. Hi Lanny
      (laughs) Yes, I once tried counting the number of universes but in that case it’s not a fixed number so it’s a goose chase. (some come and go quickly)
      Each crown petal does have distinct qualities but that’s quite a bit more subtle than the appearance. That doesn’t make them easier to count. It’s easier just to know.
      It’s also worth noting that the petals are the appearance on one level. On another level they’re points and geometry (yantra). On another, flows of energy.
      108 is a fascinating number. There’s layers and layers to it.
      – the number of wholeness
      – the sages who support our universe
      – the number of repetitions of mantra for yagya
      – the beads on a mala, for both the above
      – 108 nadis converge on the heart chakra
      – the average distance to the sun is 108 times the sun’s diameter (calculated long ago)
      – the average distance to the moon is 108 times the moon’s diameter
      – the product of the first 24 numbers in the Fibonacci sequence
      – the product of the first three numbers raised to themselves
      – the smallest number whose divisors contain every digit at least once
      – plus a long list of other mathematical and biological alignments, even with the platonic forms.
      Probably spinning off of the above recognitions:
      – the body has 108 marma points
      – the Sri Yantra has 54 intersections, each with male and female sides = 108
      – in jyotish there are 12 signs x 9 planets = 108
      – there are 108 Upanishads
      – there is an iteration of the Sanskrit alphabet with 54 letters. Mirrored = 108.
      – etc etc
      A number of traditions have added further significations. Personally, don’t see value in breaking out the numerals themselves (eg: 1=, 0 =, 8=) as they become different numbers then. The specific number is key as math is one of the languages of nature.

  3. Carol

    I take the time before I start eating to acknowledge those subtle beings. It’s a very heart opening experience for me but I think I am sincere enough that this is not my reason for doing it. Like you said, they will feel if it’s not sincere. It is humbling, isn’t it?

    1. Hi Carol
      Yes, giving thanks is good for the heart. Keeps things in perspective too.
      And yes, keeps us humble. That makes it easier to let go.
      To be clear, I’m not talking about self-diminishing here. We need a stable self-sense to function in the world. But we want that in its proper place, the servant not the leader. 🙂

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