It’s All About Relationship

relationships are complicated by hojusaram

relationships are complicated by hojusaram

While historical spirituality has emphasized renunciation and withdrawal from the world, this camouflages a key detail. It’s All about Relationship.

Who we are, everything we experience, and everything we know is all through relationship.

Fundamentally, on the level of consciousness itself. In a pure Shiva way, alertness is simply alert. It is not alert to anything. For experience to arise, consciousness must be stirred awake and then recognize itself. It’s through the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness that all experience arises. Self-interacting means relating with itself.

Some describe the self-interacting dynamics as the Shiva and Shakti aspects of consciousness, in relationship. This is also the alertness and liveliness qualities that give rise to consciousness itself. Relationship is fundamental.

Many people I know who have woken have shifted because of exposure to others awake. The awakeness in one stirred the awakeness in the other. This is both self-aware consciousness enlivening itself and consciousness recognizing itself. Layers of relationship.

The forms of our experience arise from the dynamics of 2 aspects – vibration and structure. Structure gives form its shape and vibration brings its qualities. Structure or sacred geometry is formed by relationships between the arrayed devata. Vibration is expressed by the devata to each other in synchronized harmonies. Relationship and communication in relationship.

When the devata are out of harmony, it creates dissonance and imbalance, distorting the smooth flow of consciousness through the form. This changes its expression. Yet that too is relationship.

Even on the physical level, we reproduce through relationship. This is ideal if both are awakening in consciousness. Then the relationship itself can offer an opportunity for an evolved soul to be born in a family of yogis.

When we’re born, that moment is reflected in the energy patterns of the time in our birth chart. Those relationships illustrate the patterns and timings of this life and the qualities of relationships that will show up in it, and when.

Human relationships can be a great mirror for what remains to be resolved in this life. They can be deeply challenging but also very rewarding, if we’re open to the light they shine on our shadows.

What we can make conscious, we can resolve. Once resolved, the shadow vanishes. And the grand relationship we have with life itself is revealed in all its splendour.

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14 Responses to It’s All About Relationship

  1. Lewis Oakwood says:

    Hi David,

    Good post. Thank you.


    ‘Many people I know who have woken have shifted because of exposure to others awake. The awakeness in one stirred the awakeness in the other.’


    And in that recognition, there arise corresponding thoughts such as: now I can relax; it’s impossible to change anything after the event— futile is the attempt to alter—the unalterable—that which already is.


    The seeming interconnectedness of points of light as if on a journey of self-discovery— all aboard The Good Relation Ship.

  2. Clarice says:

    It all rings so true, thanks.

  3. Jim says:

    Thank you, David – Yes, such a key component in the lives of those who have awakened to their universal nature.
    Relationships. So much of our karma involves others and to resolve it always takes others too. Either in the resolution itself, or as confirmation it has taken place.
    I am enjoying the relatively uncharted territory of having gained Brahman as a householder. I think of Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi and all of the “flashy” experiences he describes; a fullness of the world that is masked for most, yet brings about miracles, or direct intercession from the Divine, in small and large ways on a regular basis.
    This includes the opportunity to awaken Brahman in everyone we interact with. Not so much to alter their path, but as they come into the orbit of one who is living Brahman, they naturally adapt themselves to Brahman, because they must – lol not on the level of personality, on the level of Being.
    Thank you!

  4. George says:

    If we don’t have any awakened associations in person, can/does spending time with representations of awakened others count for anything? E.g., reading books, listening to lectures, or this blog? Are there other approximations we can engage in if we, on a day-to-day, personal level, are consigned to walking with the “dead?”

    • Davidya says:

      Hi George
      Yes – it’s a matter of degree and who we resonate with. For example, a live webinar is more potent than a recording, a recording more than a book. But even some books have a lot of juice.
      Part-time is good too, like attending retreats. But that becomes more productive when we’re “ripe”, when presence has built a foothold but boosters are needed.
      This webcast, for example is free and weekly, designed to help people wake up.

      • Jim says:

        I would add to do TM twice a day regularly and you will be led to that which will increase your spiritual pace. An effortless meditation using a suitable mantra. This tunes both the environment and yourself to be receptive to enlightenment.

        • Davidya says:

          funny you should mention that… 🙂

          Have an article coming up on the topic.

          • Daniel says:

            Hi David,
            What do you think of Natural Stress Relief Meditation? There is no TM teacher near me, and NSR seems very similar. I know that with NSR you dont have a teacher, but the guy who „invented“ it also does check ups if needed.

            • Davidya says:

              Hi Daniel
              I believe NSR is an attempt to copy TM much like Benson’s Relaxation Response. However, in the latter case, the long term benefits have not been equal. I have an article coming up that explores the points in much more detail.
              I can mention that I know people who have learned TM during a trip to where there was a teacher. And there are teachers who travel to places periodically.

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