Layers of Stages

Layers of Stages

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The stages of development in consciousness are not just linear nor are they exclusive. Just like the stages of development studied in psychology, we are prominently in one stage and there is a progression. But we’re not in one box, then the next. For example, one can become an adult and still have unresolved child issues.

Typically, it takes over a decade to mature fully into Self Realization. Yet it’s not unusual for other stages to unfold before that. Thus, we can still be clearing old ego self-concepts and contractions when we’re living Unity stage. And I’ve seen people still carrying the core identity into Brahman stage.

There is also the prominent distinction between progress in the stages in consciousness vs refinement. I’ve discussed that in articles like this.

Those of you familiar with project management will know what a Gantt chart is. This is a way to track the schedule and progress of tasks on a major project. Such charts show the start of each stage but also how the stages overlap. One stage is continuing while another has completed. This is very much that case as we progress through the stages of post-personal development.

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