Waking it All

Waking it All

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As we’ve been rising out of a dark age, we’re also rising out of a time of constrained spirituality. Spirituality became divorced from the world and separated from the dominant world-view, science. Science came to dismiss the degraded spirituality as myth, while spirituality demonized the world along with success, wealth, and desire.

As spirituality is being revived, it’s coming through the filter of masculine dominance. There is a raw focus on Shiva, pure consciousness, the detached observer, and the intellect. While there is great benefit in these values, they’re not complete or balanced.

We’ve left out the Divine feminine, the heart, the creatrix. It’s true the appearance of the world in an illusion but only because we’re missing its true nature. It’s an appearance of the power of Divinity. It’s reality is founded in profound intelligence and intention, deeper than consciousness.

There is no Shiva without Shakti. Alertness sleeps without being stirred awake by liveliness. Consciousness is inert and lifeless without Shakti, the flow of life itself.

We are bathed in the flow of Divinity yet how many spiritual adepts recognize this?

Part of our purpose in life is to discover our deeper nature and recognize we are consciousness, the observer, underlying all forms and phenomena. But to stay there is to sit in duality with an illusion. Deeper is to make the Divine feminine conscious. To wake up our body, to wake up the forms and phenomena, to wake up the world.

Wake up to the world, as the world, then the world itself.
This is fullness.

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        1. Hi Bojan
          There is a process underway that can be described as a descent of Divinity. As it gets closer to the physical, the process is slower but other things are changing that accelerate it.

          For example, the number of people living ParaBrahman, the rate at which laws of nature are waking up, and the tools that are coming online for people.

          Lorne and Lucia have begun teaching techniques for the awake to embody Divinity. Healers like Kristin Kirk and Dorothy Rowe are doing remarkable work, and so on.

          We could say this year is precedent-setting.

  1. Scott

    As a man, i feel the shakti energy awaken more strongly when I don’t lose my sexual energy , whether through celibacy or the practice of sexual cotinence, combined with meditation, ( “letting go ” ) . Is there anything to this…?

    1. Hi Scott
      One of the keys I’ve found is moderation. Not too little or there is resistance to movement and the tendency for energy to express less naturally. Not too much as then its draining and can be addictive.

      What is moderate for this or that person varies, so its better to follow your own experience than someones rule. Spirituality has been prone to extremes here.

      One example would be the term brahmacharya in Yoga. This is often translated to mean celibacy. However, it means student of Brahman. This means on a spiritual path. That does not mean a monk, although the two became synonymous for some time.

      There are many similar examples I can cite from recent centuries.

      Also, it’s good to recognize that we make strong energetic connections/ entanglements with our sex partners. If theres an imbalance between you, that can be a drain. We want to choose partners wisely

      1. G

        Hi David

        Do men and women lose equal amounts of energy during sex? There is often a connection mentioned between semen and ojas, and that the depletion of semen results in less ojas, but as women don’t have semen, does sex deplete ojas or energy in another way for them?

        Can certain foods or drinks help counter the draining influence? For example Pancha-Amrita is said to “rapidly increase ojas in the pulse and is very nourishing and strengthening to all the tissues”

        Thank you 🙂

        1. Hi G
          It’s not been my experience that energy is lost. Rather it’s shared, blended as the connection is intimate. We do consume some fuel but we also do that going for a run or eating.

          The body is constantly producing more semen so it’s also not “depleted” unless we overdo.

          Ojas and soma are related to Shukra, the finest product of digestion. Thus a healthy, balanced diet is good. But stressing over what we eat is worse than what we put in our mouths. How well we digest experiences also relates to food digestion. There are many factors around this topic.

          I’d suggest good sex with a close partner can produce ojas. Recall the healthy afterglow?

          There are a lot of cultural taboos that have been laid over sexuality in both east and west. Most of them relate to ego control. The imbalanced masculine again.

          I’d beware of one-size-fits-all recipes (or rules). Rules are only needed until we have enough sense.

          Everyone has a different physiology whose capacity varies over time. We learn best by paying attention and adjusting as required. And remember we’re here for liberation but we’re also here for the fulfillment of desires. Enjoy!

        2. Michael

          HI G
          First of all there are a lot of variances as David has very well put and listening to ones own body is key.

          What is termed ojas in India is jing in Chinese. Men do lose some of it only if they ejaculate, that is the loss. Women do loose it during mentrual bleeding but not during sex.(the body has to produce something to loose it).
          There are 2 types of this energy: One can be nourished through food (everything from seeds is good here like nuts, eggs etc or stuff like good quality ethically colostrum, he sho wu, sleep, a little meditation etc.)
          The other is more given and is more our life battery and this can only be replenished through mostly hidden techniques for ex. alchemy. (in India i am only aware of the tamil siddhas who had and used this knowledge)

          hope that helps

          1. Hi Michael

            Again, I would frame it more as consumed rather than lost as it can be replenished. We don’t say we “lose” gas when we drive our car, for example.

            Interesting, the idea we have a certain reservoir of energy that is not typically replenished. There is also the idea we are given a certain number of breaths. When we use them up, we die.

            I would suggest this relates to Shakti and kundalini. Once we’re reconnected to source, that supply becomes effectively infinite.

            On the other hand, the physical body is the most dense and the last to catch up to more subtle shifts, so the body can continue aging even after higher stages of enlightenment. Getting that caught up would be useful.

            Also interesting on the 2 types. I’ve started an article on this very topic but it wasn’t in this direction. We’ll see how it fills out.

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