Healing by Attention

Healing by Attention

Inukshuk, English Bay, Vancouver by ecstaticist

In a lot of energy healing practices, you learn to move energy to places you feel resistance or where there is a complaint. In a few more specialized techniques you learn to work more directly with the issue by developing subtle perception and techniques to work specifically with the problem.

In a still smaller group, you learn to heal on the structural and causal levels where the dynamics and patterns themselves arise. These are what express into form and possibly imbalance and illness. No matter how directly you treat some issues, if the causal pattern or program isn’t changed, the issue will rise again. Such programs may have been created prior to this life, in a past life or by an ancestor. (the souls line and the blood line) We “inherited” some by modeling the people around us in the early months of our life.

The causal is before form so it requires new approaches. This is not healing by doing in the prior sense of it. It is healing with innocent attention, healing that enlivens very subtle subroutines and allows you to change them.

If we work on the level of structure (the intellect or knowledge body), it’s a little more difficult. We’re trying to resolve relationship dynamics that are out of balance. If we work on the level of space itself, of vibration (the bliss body), we’re on the level of the becoming. We can shift the dynamics of space so it restores the resulting vibrations and structures to balance. The forms that ensue are healthy.

Simply being is allowing. You cannot work on the causal level if there is less than innocence or it brings you out. This is the same dynamic as samadhi. In the presence of the light of being, we shine the light of attention. We smooth the structure of space and all comes to balance and alignment with life.

They call this level Ritam Bhara Pragya; that consciousness which accepts only truth. Accessing it generally requires well-established consciousness or awakening so there is a stable enough platform for the fine perceptions to be clear.

It’s rather remarkable the many potential avenues of exploration that become available when we clean house and develop consciousness.

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  1. Jim

    Thank you, David.

    Yes, an interesting effect that I have found with Ritam, is the scope of its effectiveness is directly related to our spiritual identity. In other words as we feel ourselves growing and expanding to Self and Unity and on, the ability to heal via attention grows from within the individual body to other individual bodies to larger community and regional spaces, even up to entire countries. Though as you mention, karmas can cause patterns to re-emerge, especially when we are addressing larger groups of consciousness.

    This is a particularly apt topic for today’s world though, as any issue is a combination of so many others that the way to directly address the mass inflammation so to speak, is healing with attention. Ritam according to the identity, and when the identity is global and beyond, the Ritam can effect such healing for large areas, a cooling off, simply because the attention is already there.

    Jai Guru Dev

    1. Hi Jim
      Well put. Yes, as the fields of life become integrated in our awareness, they become inclusive in where we can put our attention.

      So much of the baggage is what can be seen as incomplete experiences. Places where an experience was too big to process at the time and we never came back to it. Or we learned to repress stuff. This creates shadows in our life but also in the collective. This seeks to rise up and be seen so it can be completed, causing repeated experiences. If it’s not resolved it tends to create collective issues like storms, riots, etc.

      When we can simply allow it to arise, it will resolve not only the experience but the collective. When the awareness can be inclusive enough, we can contribute to healing progressively greater vistas as it becomes a part of us.

      1. Jim

        Thank you, yes, the process of global healing by all of us is certainly incremental. The global effect is not so much transformative in that way, but more a subtle cooling or alleviation. The difference between say 75 and 90F, applied regularly. Infusing the space we all live in with peace and the opportunity for each of us to have a little bit more depth and consideration in making the choices that add up to a lifetime.

        So “global warming” seems to also be an issue on the consciousness side, as you mention, with the build up of emotional detritus. Thankfully, once we begin to awaken to our own nature, we are pulled in the direction of any impurity so that it can clear.

        When this is applied to an individual, community or country, the result is also incremental, perhaps in this time we live simply the endless forestalling of war is success enough. No apparent evidence for the media, and yet as we know of Ritam, the light comes up inexorably.

        1. Yes, good point. There is a larger strong trend of global awakening with the accompanying purification. Many want to wake up yesterday but by doing this incrementally and adding in the cooling, the transition will be smoother. It unfolds the best for the collective.

          Global warming is an interesting example. There is a natural global trend that man’s activities have apparently greatly accelerated. The rate of change is causing some bumps in the process. Looking for ways to ease it off and smooth things is a priority yet decision makers rarely have the vision to favour optimum choices.

          1. Jim

            “It unfolds the best for the collective”. Yes. Exactly right. When consciousness is considered, there is less difference between the individual and the collective in the way it clarifies and resolves itself (unto itself).

            Yes, the global warming issue is an indication of our collective adherence to a physical paradigm. That is why we work on it, this issue, to elevate ourselves above the mere physical concerns of life into a longer trend of time.

  2. Tim Owens

    In 1790 Samuel Hahnemann opened up his awareness to a method of healing that became homeopathy. Over the last 230 years practitioners have learned to use the energetic properties of all sorts of substances and essences to effect healing in people. My experience of this process convinces me that in the best examples of homeopathy changes occur at the level you describe here, ritam bhagra pragyan. It sometimes seems that when a good remedy is given people just seem to “forget” to be ill. To do this process, however, requires years of study and very focused attention when taking a person’s case. I look forward to a time when lots of healers can simply settle their attention to this level and innocently direct people back to healthy functioning.

    1. Hi Tim
      Yes, it’s an interesting approach, bringing the essences down to undetectable levels and yet leaving their impression in the carrier. However, I’d say this also depends on the skill of the practitioner. Then you can make changes in the impressions or structure that is modeling the illness and it fades out.

    1. Hi Geoff
      I’d suggest it’s more nuanced than that. Firstly, there’s degree of functioning there. For example, someone who’s established in Self Realization may experience an ongoing background of bliss. They’re established on that level but may not be very conscious of it’s dynamics.

      Secondly, there’s the laws of nature that are awake in this form. Some siddhis will come more naturally and easily than others. I had a couple that had started before I knew what the siddhis were.

      Next, you have how clear the various channels are. Most are more clear in some areas than others. This is tied into our natural inclinations too. People tend to have a natural resistance to certain kinds of opening. For example, certain laws of nature may feel coarse to some people and they don’t develop them.

      And further, you have experience. This is like a muscle. You have to learn to use it. Simply doing a siddhi may help wake it up but this isn’t very applied. For example, how may actually use a siddhi like strength in the world? Leaving it in practice may leave it virtual but that may be a good thing.

      And you have the complexities of support. Related to the above, what laws are supported in the current time? Are you even inclined to want to develop them? Not all laws of nature are a good idea to express into life, even if we feel their support. I have laws that adore rich food, for example.

      Not to mention, we’ve been in a heavier time. That means you have to have a great deal more potency to break through the collective to express some of these.

      We all learned some lovely platitudes. But real life is a lot more nuanced and requires discriminative skills – that’s the most important ability to me. To know what we should develop and express into the world. Otherwise, we can just be acting out our stuff.

    1. Hi N
      I talk about this in various ways on the blog. For one, clarity can be useful, so I typically research options and do simple comparatives, like a pro-con list.

      Your intuition or fine feelings can be very valuable if it’s not handicapped by reactivity.

      If it’s big, I may do a jyotish consultation to get perspective on the laws in play. Sometimes there can be misleading influences that are not clear.

      The Intention and Action sections of Key Posts talk about related subjects in various ways.

      For example, Solving Problems can help get clear.

      To help with clarity, here are signs of shadows:

      And the first part of How Does it Feel:

    2. Speaking of Jyotish, this is a time of emphasized intensity. A good time for intentions but not to start things yet, apparently. Exalted, retrograde Mars is conjunct the full lunar eclipse and Mercury is retrograde and gandanta.

      Dunno what India thinks of an eclipse on Guru Purima…

        1. Courage is easier when there is trust. Trust is easier when you know directly that the world is primarily an expression of the divine.

          I suppose age is also a factor. (laughs) After you’ve fallen on your face a few times, you get to know that it always works out for the better in the end, even if the way there was bumpy. As you trust more and resist less, the way gets smoother and easier.

          In time, you realize that what happens is whats supposed to happen and we can never stray too far from dharma. Then you can do whatever is called for and life becomes a crazy adventure rather than a hazardous drama. Not much courage needed to have fun. 🙂

  3. N

    Right, life has become a lot smoother for me in the last few years. So I guess I’m going in the right direction overall.

    I guess there is a striving for perfection, that makes decision making a bit challenging for me.

    1. Hi N
      Yes, smoother is a good sign, although life does move in cycles. New challenges arising doesn’t mean we’re faltering but rather we’re ready.

      Moving towards perfection is a valid goal but note the word towards. We can’t expect perfection of ourselves or anyone else in this time. Exercising compassion can be useful, including for ourselves.

      We do our best. That’s all we can do.

      The irony is we’re never out of dharma. It is only our own shadows that think we’re doing badly or not enough. But that just means we care. So we do what we can and life progresses.

        1. Hi N
          For one, dharma is inherent in what structures our form and laws of nature. We’re living embodiments of it, although often are in conflict with it too. I’ll be writing more on this shortly.

          Also, in recognizing it, we see its role moving through our life. Even though I’ve had diverse jobs over the years, they all were an expression of aspects of this dharma.

  4. Jim

    Thanks, David, for touching on the relationship between ritam and healing. You have referred to that consciousness which accepts only truth as “Ritam Bhagra Pragyan.” I know of Ritam-bhara pragya as that intelligence that knows only the truth. So, obviously the same thing with a different spelling and pronunciation. A Web search has yielded no result for the spelling you have used. Would you please clarify it source? Thanks! ~ Jim

    1. Hi Jim
      OOps – thats a typo. It should be “Ritam Bhara Pragyan.” The last letter is mainly context but I see most online sources drop it.

      This also relates to the resolute intellect where the intellect becomes associated with Being and thus isn’t influenced by the mind.

    2. prajna is another transliteration of the third word.

      The term is from the Yoga Sutra 1-48
      “Ritambharaa tatra prajnaa”
      “There resides the intellect that knows only truth.”

      The verse comes up after listing the stages of samadhi.

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