Karma Collecting

Karma Collecting

To feel in control and secure, we identify with experiences of what is here. I experience through this body-mind so it is me. This is my job. These are my possessions. These are my friends, partner, etc. This expands into stories for the mind that support the agenda.

This identification emphasizes two qualities: inertia and sustaining. These maintain the experience as it is, even when life is changing.

Yet the only constant in the world is change. Things are always changing, dissolving, and growing. When we resist change, we experience pain. Pain is a signal something is wrong.

And yet oddly, we spend our life fighting change so we can feel in control. The ego knows it’s faking it but it creates stories and claims authorship of events to support itself. We also project our pain into our possessions, making them more like us.

While this may sustain our fake sense of security, we grow little this way. The desire to keep things the same means we hold on to what is giving us pain too. We invest in it and reinforce it. We learn to tolerate pain as a fact of life, often suppressing it under layers of resistance and denial. Our emotional body becomes a pain body.

That sustaining power and inertia keeps the agenda going. We reinforce the karma that shows up to be resolved. This adds another layer of resistance to hide how we feel about life. We build this mass of… mass, this weight of resistance, this lead onion of pain.

All of this keeps us tied to being a me, suffering, and going through the same experiences, relationships, and traumas over and over. This is the wheel of karma.

And it’s all a series of choices. Determinism of the present is past free will.

All we need is a little understanding and clarity. Then we can shift the trends. By transcending, we go beyond the mind and all the entanglements. We add a different style of experience that is safe and peaceful. Gradually, this softens the bonds of identification and they let go. Life eases.

As our approach to action shifts, we resist less and allow more. Then experiences that arise can complete, resolving the burden and lifting the load. With good experiences, we gain a confidence that life will support us. Large burdens can be resolved, freeing up the energy once used to sustain them.

That power of sustaining shifts into a transforming fire. It roasts the inertia, clearing the way for free flow. Out of the fire comes purity and clarity. That brings peace and joy, then Self Realization and the blossoming of enlightenment.

The difference is in our approach to life and our ability to step out of entanglements. Small but key things make all the difference. Each shovel of sand is a thousand grains.


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  1. Lorey Hobbs

    Timely again, lol. Noticed yesterday that some old karmic stuff has dissapeared or cleared out in a bundle.

    Perhaps a result of an immersive expreience with sound a few weeks ago with much syncronicity and followed by a new kind of estatic Unity experience that was awareness of space as an other worldly kind of substance that all was arising out of and part of the same all at once. Was outside at the time: the wind, the birds, the butterflies, the soil, the outdoir rug, the body/mind. . . .so beautiful and lasting for about 6 hours. A door seems to have been opened here. .

    Also this may be related: this body feels very different the past few months. Very hightened sensate experience. What is this?

    1. Hi Lorey

      Yes, it’s like bits and pieces, then the core resolves as a big chunk and clears the deck.

      Sounds lovely. There are some kinds of experiences that indicate a door has opened. Thereafter, new things remain accessible. Not so much as a strong experience but we can refer back to it and explore further.

      You’ll enjoy an article getting posted tomorrow night. It talks a lot about space.

      And yes, as we clear out the subtle levels, refined perception comes online. But also heightened values of the existing senses. Without old constraints and fog and with a greater capacity of attention, we can take more in.

      Consciousness is like a container of experience. As we expand consciousness we expand the container. Bigger and more detailed and more inclusive experiences become possible.

  2. annie

    David .
    Thank you, your posts always speak to me. How does one help clear these patterns/ karma. Ive noticed im going in circles with a situations to do with big personalities and me going inward then setting up a power struggle when i have the courage to speak up. Im realizing more my reactions and have done energetic healing. Is there any other things that one can do to step out of entanglements?

    1. Hi Annie
      Yes, relationship is a great reflector of our stuff. (laughs) It’s something of a process as there are many layers and both large and small things to clear.

      Becoming conscious of our reactivity is very useful- not to try to control it as that just creates more conflict. But rather to just become more conscious. Then we begin to have choices – seeing the reactivity arising. Then in choosing a different response.

      I explored this in more detail here:

      Becoming more conscious is best served with an effortless meditation. I link to an article about that on the word Transcending in the article above. Going beyond the mind takes you out of your stuff and loosens the bonds that tie us.

      Karma means action or energy. The non-supportive patterns we have are a reflection of where we have stuckness or inertia and action doesn’t flow smoothly. This creates ripples in our life experience.

      And then when we find certain places where we’re a little more stuck, a good energy healer can be helpful. That stuckness creates a shadow that can be a blind spot for us. Someone with good skills can get past that and help loosen things up.

      Hope thats helpful. Just be patient with yourself. We need time to clear the decks, learn new ways of being, and shed hat doesn’t serve us. But the effort is more than worth it. 🙂

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