Adyashanti and Michael Rodriguez on Buddha at the Gas Pump

I quite enjoy Adyashanti’s pragmatic take on the awakening process. I’ve written various articles on his books like Falling into Grace or The End of Your World. Last fall, I posted a conversation Rick Archer had between Adya and Susanne Marie on the post-Self shift.

Prior to the Science and Nonduality conference last month, Rick spent time with Michael and Adya, followed by a 3 hour recorded conversation.

They explored a wide range of topics including how you can get stuck post-awakening in emotional avoidance, detachment, or meaninglessness. The latter topic came up several times, exploring how to recognize deeper drivers and the falling away of creativity. (that certainly happened here) They reviewed the stages relative to head, heart, gut, and post-Self. And they spoke about the paradox of perfection – being perfect and yet being very human.

On the gut grip, this can soften prior so it isn’t necessarily as intense as they described. It is typically related to the Unity shift but as I touched on in the conversation with Susanne Marie above, it can show up later. At one point in this talk, Adya mentioned it with the post-Self (Brahman) shift. But they drifted into a different thing after that. The gut identity release is not the same as letting go of anxiety-driven grasping or a similar major knot, even if it’s experienced in the gut. Those can be recognized and released at any time. They may bring a relaxing into peace but are not usually related to identity and a stage shift.

I enjoyed Adya’s comments about when it arises in experience is the right time. If we learn not to resist, we can heal as things arise and don’t have to go looking for where we’re contracted. They also explored natural compassion and answered questions. An insightful and practical exploration overall.

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8 Responses to Adyashanti and Michael Rodriguez on Buddha at the Gas Pump

  1. Amaryllis says:

    “The gut identity release is not the same as letting go of anxiety-driven grasping or a similar major knot, even if it’s experienced in the gut.”

    Is that because the former happens on its own, and the latter can be worked with volitionally?

    • Davidya says:

      Interesting question, Amaryllis. The “gut identity release” is like any other grip really. It can be released through deep rest or when we become aware of it. The difference is that with general releases, we have a lightening and opening. But the identity one lets go the seed of separate identity.

      It can have a prominent role in the Unity shift although I’ve since learned it may not let go until later. (that relates to Rick’s prior discussion with Adya and Susanne Marie)

  2. Amaryllis says:

    So we are born with the gut identity, and anxiety-driven grasping is a result of conditioning…

    • Davidya says:

      Alas, it’s not so simple. The first we do carry forward into this life but it and our karma doesn’t engage right away typically. We grow into embodying it.

      Anxiety has various causes and some can be carried forward also. Conditioning, the way our laws of nature respond to the unfolding life, how sensitive we are, the energy of the environment we grow up in, etc.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Amaryllis!
      You may find that article interesting as it comes from a slightly different angle to this core contractions.

      All the best

      • Davidya says:

        Hi Michael
        Right – this talks about the layers that can be around an energetic contraction. There can also be contractions within contractions. ie: contracting around a contraction.

        The gut release referred to is a specific and deeper one related to core identity. This typically comes after the self-concept or me is deflated with awakening and the emotional drivers of those are also wound down.

        • Michael says:

          Hi David!

          have watched the panel (will comment there 🙂

          Isn’t it the same as what he calls Tier 1? (he also uses the head, heart, gut in other posts but has repeatedly said that most people he had worked with have more core contractions even if these three are the main ones). He also says that tier 1 is not just contractions but are contractions at the core of the body.

          Quote: “It is important to be really clear that Tier 1 denotes only this felt, energetic contraction. It is dense energy only (like a fist or knot).
          Tier 1 does not include the myriad of temporary thoughts, emotions and sensations that come and go throughout the course of a day.”

          “It does not include the story of self!!, the particular motivations and reactions of the self (commands and threats) or the outward layer of seeking towards things outside of oneself.”

          “…you have to first acknowledge that, at the core of your being, there is a self contraction.”

          “… I’ve come to see that as long as this basic energetic contraction is present and activated in one degree or another and as long as it remains undissolved, there are Tier 2 effects including fear and addiction and some basic feeling of separateness operating.” (there he says that feeling seperated is an effect of that core contractions, or what you called self-concept. You wrote that “the self-concept is deflated during awakening and the emotional drivers are wound down”. He says these are effects of the core contractions. So to me it sounds that he means the core identity(ies))

          “….I think a lot of folks who follow spiritual teachings or engage in practices end up in this weird place where they have experienced powerful shifts in perception, including realising that there is no self, but they still experience some form of this energetic self contraction. This is bypassing. I have had many conversations with non-dual teachers who have told me privately that this is their experience.” (very interesting 🙂

          • Davidya says:

            Oh interesting. Thanks for the further detail. He may indeed be referring to the specific gut contraction I am. The language he uses to frame it is somewhat different.

            I’ve not seen anyone become aware of this prior to the Unity approach, well after Self Realization. Mainly because you need to clear some of the remaining attachments to stories and emotions for sufficient clarity. Also due to the descent process.

            I can certainly see the last comment – there are lots of people who start teaching after they wake up yet still have that gut contraction. I would not call that bypassing but there may yet be an unwillingness to go there. It can be a whopper for some if they’ve not been doing the purification.

            To be clear, there isn’t multiple identities – this is the core one. We can certainly play multiple roles, each with their own story, but that’s more on the head level.

            And just to be clear for other readers, we’re discussing the very specific gut contraction related to the core identity. Most of us have many contractions in various parts of the body (the shoulders and neck are common for example). They can create some of the responses and behaviors described in the chart too.

            For the big ones, there is typically a gradual peeling of the layers, then a softening until the core contraction is released. That can unfold over years or in a few days.

            The difference with this one is it ends the core identification with our individuality. For someone awake, it can feel like they’ve already done that. But it turns out they’ve only done one layer of that. As I’ve discussed at length earlier on, theres 3 layers to that identification – the me-concepts, the emotional drivers and this core identity.

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