Space and Time in Consciousness

Space and Time in Consciousness

I’ve spoken before about how space and time are both nested. The space of our universe is nested in the space of creation, for example. Our inner world may seem to be within the outer world or vice versa. And cycles of ages are nested one within the other.

Space arises in the dynamics of consciousness being aware of itself. In that recognition, there is a sense of distinction between observer and observed giving rise to space and distance. The process of that experience gives rise to sequence and thus perception of time.

Shaktis or intelligent flows of Divine attention have both spatial and temporal qualities. The Shaktis work in holistic relationship to each other that leads to creating the complex sounds that lead to forms. Those sequences of those sounds are codified in the Sanskrit language. The sequencing also leads to the experience of time.

It’s remarkable to discover what we’ve had covered up, under the burden of our past stories and identifications.

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