Healing and Awakening for Animals

Healing and Awakening for Animals

In another talk, Kristin Kirk speaks about an experience working with two cats. These are clearly exceptional cats with exceptional people. But the story is notable, including the difference between the two cats.

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This isn’t as hard to accept if we understand that everything arises in and of consciousness. We’re in this together so as consciousness rises, everything rises with it. All animals feel and are aware. But some animals are pretty thick and absorbed in their local experience, just as some people are. And some animals have a lot more presence and naturally engage in life in a way that increases their clarity. There are some famous stories, like the cow coming to satsang, the crow who has lived through multiple creations, and the enlightened monkeys in the Ramayana. So clearly, enlightenment is possible with almost any vessel.

I would add there are also people who teach animal communication if it’s not coming on it’s own.

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  1. Karen Burrell

    I really enjoyed hearing her talk about this experience with the two cats. And it made me smile that we watch the same youtube videos lol :p Makes me wonder what is going n in the minds of my two cats. On the outside, it seems like they have two thoughts, food and sleep :p I will look into animal communication a bit more now.

    1. Hi Karen

      It’s a facilitating field. I’ve had some experiences of this but have never developed the skill.

      It would probably help if one is an animal empath. Unity Consciousness also makes a difference as you can get a sense what it is to be that being in consciousness.

  2. Lorey

    No supprise. Not that I’m any great master, but my cats have most definitely evolved from my presence, and we are communicating telepathically . All the wild animals come to my yard to hang out. Bees, wasps, yellow jackets will come and sit on my hand. So sweet and beautiful

  3. Greg

    Interesting video, thanks for sharing. I was not aware animals could reach a state of Self realisation. My understanding was that their nervous systems are not as developed (if that’s the right word) as the human nervous system and therefore not as capable of reflecting wholeness as the humane nervous system is.

    1. Hi Greg

      Animals nervous systems are not capable of reflecting wholeness the way a human nervous system has the potential to. Nor would they experience it the same way. Nor could you describe the stages the same way.

      But we all know humans who are clearer and others who are much less so. In the same way, old souls may end up in an animal body and have that potential to recognize who they are more deeply.

      If you consider that we’re all made of the same stuff in different combinations, it makes more sense. But still, it would be an exceptional animal. And notice that the animal is living with a human who is more awake. Awake consciousness can help awaken it in others.

      Also interesting is communication as in this video. Some beings run purely on “instinct.” But more conscious beings have greater choice in what to favour with attention. If they can communicate with others, that adds to the potential to share tips and learn. As in your reading this blog.

      What comes to mind is a group of trees near where a lot of people meditated daily. The trees had become somewhat more conscious. How they responded to that varied but they were sharing more with each other. However, one tree had lost a major limb in a storm and had some other damage. They had become lost in their self-pity (in tree terms) and ignored the communication with others.

      This surprised me as I’ve found most trees pretty tolerant, even when assailed by traffic and abuse.

      We might say the gift of a little more awareness was not used advantageously.

      It’s also worth noting that in a golden age, everything is raised up. Not just people. But we can have by far the greatest impact.

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