How Many Worlds?

How Many Worlds?

I’ve written several articles about the layers of creation. I favour a 7 worlds model, similar to the koshas or sheaths. But the 3 worlds model is more commonly used: physical, astral and divine. Broadly, “astral” would cover energy, mental, and intellect bodies and divine the celestial and further.

These two models describe the same thing – just with different divisions. Creation is like a rainbow – how many colours do you want to count? The primaries? Every one you can distinguish? Yet it remains one rainbow.

The different layers of creation are sometimes called other “dimensions” (an erroneous word as it means a direction in space) and can indeed be experienced as separate worlds. But as we deepen into source, the larger picture emerges of one continuum.

There are other ways of looking at the same thing. For example, it’s easy to recognize higher and lower astral or emotions. The intellect “body” is often described as intuition or fine feelings and includes the ego.

Yet a system like Samkhya separates intellect and ego and adds three layers between mind and the physical (Indriya, Tanmatra, and Mahabhuta).

Some also talk about a pre-physical etheric level. In fact, science accepted that as reality until quite recently. Maxwell’s formulas for electricity, for example, originally included ether. (ether is related to the subtlest of the 5 elements, space, but ether is seen as lively vs empty space)

Creation is a vast and complex place. To talk about it, we use terminology and models the mind can work with. That allows communication to take place. But once again, don’t mistake the map for the road. Honolulu is nothing like a printed sheet of paper. Or even a photograph. 🙂

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  1. Michael

    (ether is related to the subtlest of the 5 elements, space, but ether is seen as lively vs empty space)

    You do not know how Long i have waited for a satisfying explaination regarding this subject!!
    And tahtahtah… Comes a very satisfying one!

    1. You’re welcome. That’s one of those lines that came out without having thought about it. Perhaps for you. 🙂

      One way of seeing the world is as lively space. A screen on which everything arises from attention and intention.

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