Oneness vs Oneness

I’ve written before about how the world is structured in layers (koshas). Our experience is the same way. We have thoughts, emotions, sensations, sensory input, and so forth. Certainly these experiences are intertwined but it can be useful to distinguish them for some things.

Another set of distinctions I’ve written about are Empath gifts and Unity.

Unity is a stage of development in consciousness where we recognize the consciousness within is also in the world. We then naturally and progressively experience and recognize everything as myself – in consciousness. This is a process that naturally unfolds through life experiences, so we allow it.

Empath gifts are something about 5% of us are born with. Ideally, we learn to recognize and become skilled with them so they’re not a burden. Unlike consciousness, being skilled means learning to turn them off most of the time.

This is because empath gifts allow us to tune into specific layers in others. But it also means we pick up some of their energetic baggage in the process if we’re not skilled about it. As we’re born with the gifts, we’re challenged by them early on and typically discover crude adaptations to suppress the experience. Like other early learning, this leaves them sub-conscious. Not gaining proper skills, we leave them on much of the time, pick up others junk, and are confused by the internal vacillations that result. Yet the dynamics remain subconscious so the process and thus solutions are unclear.

If you look at a list of empath gifts, you’ll notice some are paired – there is the Intuitive type that picks up information (and others Stuff) and the Oneness type that does a deeper merge (also with Stuff). If you’re an empath, these can be even easier to relate to if you read a description of some of the problems an unskilled gift can bring us.

In this article, I will use a specific personal example. Not to toot my horn but to share how such a gift can affect you until it’s skilled. And what it means with skills.

One of the trickier gifts to discriminate from consciousness is the Spiritual Oneness Empath gift. Sounds extra close to consciousness, yes? But discriminating the two is important if you’re going to get skilled. One you want open, the other mostly off.

Even if someone is not spiritual, if they have this gift and are as usual unskilled with it, they’ll be sub-consciously buffeted by others feelings on the subject. Fear of God, religious guilt, unworthiness, and so forth. “As an unskilled empath with this gift, Gladys will just find that she’s socially awkward with a lot of people — a disheveled social presence resulting from inner information that is not-quite-conscious.”

“By way of analogy, it’s as if Gladys sits in a room on a sunny day. Unbeknownst to her, the blinds are continually being adjusted: Light to dark to dim… with no prior warning.” — Rose Rosetree

Remember – the information is coming in sub-consciously so we’re not noticing it directly. But we’re certainly noticing the effects. And we’ll often blame ourselves or others inappropriately.

If someone also happens to have another empath gift like an Emotional or Intellectual one, that will further complicate the impressions, influencing emotions or thinking that way too.

In my own case, when I was a kid I lacked a clear sense of self and felt buffeted by others, confused by the difference between what I felt of people and what they said and did. Others sense of spiritual connection was often confused and semi-conscious and I added that to my own experience unintentionally.

I discovered some awkward but common work-arounds, like trying to be “invisible” in social groups but this did nothing to stop the process. And it added to the social awkwardness mentioned above. It wasn’t conscious and certainly wasn’t normally off. Discovering who I was in all this other noise became an unnecessarily long process. Meditation helped immensely by shifting me deeper into a more self-referral space but neither it nor the later awakening brought empath skills.

I discovered Rose’s work after the Unity shift so I needed to learn to distinguish the difference between consciousness and the different empath gifts to make them more conscious. Carefully culturing open awareness needed a counterbalance where the empath gifts were concerned. I was surprised to discover how often I “checked” people around me. A childhood safety habit.

One example that made the distinction clear is that when someone wakes up or has a later shift nearby, I usually know and often share something of the experience. At first, I thought this was because it was the same Self waking up. But why then was it only if I was nearby? And why wasn’t everyone awake having a similar experience?

With a more conscious gift, I’m able to be aware of the shift, possibly assist with some of the release, and support them later. But key for my work, I understand the variations in the process better as they’re also part of the experience.

In other words, the gift left me a bit of a mess when young but has helped immensely with my work later on.

Rose also wrote a 2-part series a year ago on the issues and the value of this gift.

Spiritual Oneness Empath gift is very different from consciousness but valuable in understanding the process of consciousness. But unskilled, it turns inner spirituality into a confusing mess.

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  1. gayanee says:

    This is very helpful David! After finishing Roses books and as the baby gets more independent I plan to put some time and money into working with someone like you or Rose personally to help sort some of these thing out in a better manner.

    It would be nice to have access to more practitioners who are skilled as well as awakened. May be this another area you can pay attention to as someone like you can pinpoint skilled healers and coaches way better.

    • Davidya says:

      Hi Gayanee
      Yes, I’ve found it takes time to become conscious of the dynamics and get skilled. I imagine a workshop would speed that up but it’s been very valuable to get a better sense of it.

      I had done better over time, but there was still some unconscious habits that needed to be shifted.

      For this, I would recommend Rose or one of her RES practitioners. I’m no expert at this and am still learning myself. All 3 of her RES Pros are awake.

      I have added a Consult tab (above) with links to various types of support. These are people who’s work I’m aware of and have discussed their work with.

  2. gayanee says:

    Thank you very much!

  3. Lindsey L says:

    Excellent David. Really bringing me some clarity. I see how I had similar experiences especially at a very young age and how it propelled me into shyness and steered me towards being around nicer, happier more loving people and away from the heavier emotional types. It was a blessing, however, had the consequence of taking on other people’s, along with animals, plants, and mechanical informational/intuitive baggage as well…I seem to have those on top of the oneness empath gifts (it appears at least-still looking into this).
    I see the “taking on” the baggage as unconsciously “identifying” with it and believing that because of the experience of it, it was mine. I see now how this really motivated me into self help and spiritual inquiry and practice to deal with this. Also, see how it was healed by transcending (turning off the gifts and by asking for my truth/true perception to come forth instead) awakened me to true identity. It is also more clear now how this open awareness reveals it’s dynamics more and more with the continued purification. One dynamic being one-pointed awareness into much subtler layers of consciousness as I move into the embodiment flavor of unity consciousness. Here is where the local space(of and as pure consiousness/beingness) which includes all experience within a point of awareness is (for me) beginning to show more energetic layers with more refinement of the senses (smell, sight, taste, hearing, and especially touch). It has been a gradual feeling of a larger space of awareness at the more subtle to relative /gross layers. Just like you mentioned above how you were/are able to be aware of someone’s shift or who is about to shift into awakened states of consciousness (perhaps stated differently as able to read into their stage of consciousness they are at that precise moment experiencing). I have found that seems to be my experience after looking back on it now. I use to wonder why not everyone experienced what I was, and can pick out those who are moving in and out of these higher states of consciousness, those maintaining higher states (and might be moving me also into higher states of consciousness also), and can now tell those people experencing levels of unconsciousness on top of it. This has become more subtly revealing in a vibrational way within my chakra system. I feel this intuitively may be the Devata body revealing itself? As I do experience a process of significant clearing out within the space of my awareness of these heavier kind of energies being absorbed and then I feel a more expanded and the awareness of pure consciousness feels more permeating while I am walking talking and moving in daily life.
    Am I in the ballpark of your understanding of these dynamics? I have clear seeing of where I sits and have had the beyond the crash, etc, etc… into what it really impossible to describe that all this isn’t really happening anyhow, but this is here too, but not clear. I feel like the absorption thing is a natural process of inquiery back into awareness of full Brahman in an expanded kind of whole /true way, however how is it that wholeness sits? Where is wholeness nested? So, this is quite an interesting business, these seaming stages of enlightenment…Clarity is truly my door to further whatever. Lol… Thank you for all you share. Just loving this blog!

    • Davidya says:

      Hi Lindsey
      Thanks. It is certainly a process of discovery on a much larger scale than I expected. (laughs) I found some of the empath gifts were clear and others less so. That partly depended on how they’d been experienced and how conscious the dynamics where. What specifically we’re attuned to within the gifts varies too.

      Right – we experience it so it must be mine. Only it turns out none of it is. (laughs)

      To be clear, it’s useful to distinguish the different aspects of the process. For example there is the Unity shift itself. There is the progressive experience and become. There is the progressive embodiment of this growth. And there is the refinement process where we see the mechanics, etc much more clearly. Of course they’re all intertwined but also developing at different rates.

      Myself, I don’t tend to try to “rate” anyones progress because I recognize I experience them from where I am rather than they are. In a sense, everyone appears enlightened already. While looking more closely can illustrate what resistance remains, that can spring surprises I’d rather not look at. (laughs) I just let nature take its course.

      From my perspective, a person can have tastes of higher perspectives but can’t really move in and out of the stages. If there has been a shift, it’s permanent, although it may be overshadowed a bit for some with the first shift. Certainly clarity can vacillate but the shift itself doesn’t.

      To be clear, there is a way of seeing the body as a construct of light beings but what I mean by devata body is not personal. It is the body of all bodies that constructs the appearance of all bodies in all time simultaneously. This is the first expression of the cosmic body. Of course, all bodies are also the same thing – the differences are only in how we’re looking. But it’s good not to confuse what we’re looking at.

      With Unity the process continues until we recognize ourselves as all of it, beyond perception. All of this exists in the dynamics of consciousness. That can be called wholeness or fullness. Brahman is a totality beyond that, although some use the term more broadly and loosely.

      I’m sure this doesn’t address all your points, but hopefully some…

      • Lindsey L says:

        Hi David,

        Lol, yes…feeling the same. Exploring the empath gifts and skills still. Rose is very helpful here.
        Yes…Every big “shift” as you put it definitely reveals another stage even while other previous remarkable shifts are included yet also a refinement and more clarity comes in with the next big shift and I feel like I am only beginning again and back in kindergarten. Funny how that is…lol!
        I do see the whole relaxing thing…good.
        Yes, right on about how my friends just taste the higher states while we are together, but they don’t have a shift as you would call it (it doesn’t stay). However, for me I just feel this is my normal beingness. It’s when we it together, it feels as though I may be feeling an energetic block, then maybe info comes up around it intuitively and then it moves out. There is also now a feeling like with the movement of her block, i feel it release in my chakras and then feel my beingness/consciousness like it got cleared away. Sometimes I cough up because it feels inside as a block and I am processing it this way. This is happening with anyone I am around now a days( animals, plants, etc.). Does this sound like empath stuff or purification within my chakras in Unity stage? Or both? Is it that I am becoming more aware on an energetic level of the emotional energy body of say Gladys and then processinv it out of my experience? Or is it that this is a resistance being noticed and dissolved or purified in my chakras?
        I’m still reading Rose’s books, but your blogs on this subject of Unity vs Empath and the last couple blogs here have really helped. Thank you again…:)

        • Davidya says:

          Hi Lindsey
          That’s a combination of refined perception, Unity and empath gifts.

          However, there’s also another element in there that will get more clear over time – the cosmic body. That your body is the body of all bodies. That all bodies and in fact the entirety of creation is within your body.

          From that perspective, everything happens inside. We don’t go into their body, we see their body here.

          Another perspective is being aware of the strain in the “environment” and clearing stuff from people around you. Or moving in consciousness to heal inside them. Lots of different ways to experience the process.

          Just be aware that there is still your personal body there. You don’t want to unintentionally burden it – this is where the skills remain very useful.

          • Lindsey L says:

            Yes…feels like this. The knowledge of what you say is here intuitively as the experiences arise, but it’s really new to me how to negotiate through this. Thankfully Rose Rosetree’s books are beginning to help and clarity I’ve gained from you has really made this more relaxed so I don’t take on too much for the body to handle…yes, I totally get that. Thx! Bye for now…

  4. Lindsey L says:

    Also, meant to remark on how learning empath skills is really helpful to understanding and moving through the Unity stage. I am experiencing a relief of being able to center awareness better and pop in and out or turn off and on the empath stuff so I don’t feel like I am processing through everything. I do see the way this benefits helpibg others as I have found some friends whom I talk and we sit together and they get the experience of being able to go into higher states of consciousness. It’s nice to get to understand the dynamis of this process and we have been able by sharing to help shed a good amout of blocks to further each one of ours perception…etc…very helpful indeed. Thx!

    • Lindsey L says:

      Also, when speaking of processing, it opens a whole other conversation about Godhead, ascended masters, celestial and subtle beings, etc., helping…such a vast area of conversation in dynamics…I am so grateful to all of the Divinity veiling and unveiling the ultimate One/pure consciousness…while the veils appear as experience.

    • Davidya says:

      Right, while learning not to go into their stuff.

      I think it would have been easier to learn prior but that’s not when it showed up. 🙂

      At a certain point, you recognize you can’t possible explore all of it, so you settle for an overview and tend to focus in on an area that supports why you’re here.

  5. David, thank you for writing this blog post. Many seekers of Enlightenment assume that a higher state of consciousness brings empath skills or aura reading ability, and that confuses things further.

    You described your experiences really eloquently, making important distinctions between experiences related to being an empath in contrast to experiences of higher states of consciousness.

    So thanks yet again.

    • Davidya says:

      What, me skilled? (laughs)
      Agreed, Rose. Even the shifts themselves can require a great deal of processing to reorient to and integrate. Some ordinary things from day-to-day life can become non-ordinary for a time. Subtle perception, gifts that may come online, and existing gifts and qualities are all a different process requiring different skills.

      Sloppy ideas and expectations can just add to the confusion and even be barriers to smooth integration.

      Thank you for helping me get clear on some of this. 🙂

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