15 Stages of Energetic Literacy

Being a consciousness geek, I’m fascinated by ways of mapping developmental progress. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere here, the development of higher stages of human potential is both in consciousness and in clarity. One of the features of clarity is what might be called refined perception or “inner sight”. In the summer of 2014, I wrote an article on the 3 stages of energetic literacy Rose Rosetree had described, supplemented with 2 more she had begun to speak about.

Recently, Rose published a new list of 15 Stages – her current working model. Stage 4 in the prior article is bumped up to 12 and Stage 5 to 14.

At first, I was slightly confused by the “optional” inclusion of Empath Merges. Empath gifts are a completely different category than aura reading. But she clarified that these were the sequential development of energy READING skills. Then it made sense. Also, this is about reading energy only – it is not the full gamut of refined perception. But it’s a great deal more than most people have.

For context, most energy reading is stage 2 at best. One course I took taught us to feel resistance in the energy, very much stage 1. Another course taught more detail, but used a complex series of muscle testing queries for “reading” – not the energy. You also see aura colour interpretation – not using meaning gained from the reading.

Stage 3 allows direct reading of the qualities and size of specific chakra databanks – direct practical information in far more detail. Not blobs of colour with no meaning. In fact, you don’t have to see colours at all, if that’s not your primary sense. (“inner sight” is not necessarily visual)

Stage 4 requires Stage 3 abilities, plus a skilled empath who has further developed skilled empath merge. These stages are “optional” because they’re only for those with the specific empath gifts.

As she also noted, this is not Healing skills, just reading. Healing skills are based on reading but are another more advanced layer. Also, this is the sequence she finds best to follow for those unfolding the skills. Some people will have some of these abilities already, naturally. But they’d still need to become skilled with them. Just because we’re a natural at arithmetic doesn’t mean we know division.

I’m confident to post this here because I’ve had tastes of a lot of this. I’m certainly not skilled but have a good sense of what she’s speaking of. She has the higher skills and experience for delineating this.

Notice some time dilation details, like reading Holograms of past events and watching the near-instantaneous firing sequence of databanks (devata interrelating) in slo-mo. Our experience of time is related to our relationship with the process of experience (the devata again). By shifting that relationship, we shift our experience of time.

Being a visual person, I learn better seeing visual relationships, so I put the stages into a flow chart, below. I’ve abbreviated some of the labels to fit. Be sure to read Rose Rosetree’s original article for more decent descriptions and understanding of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

15 stages 2

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17 Responses to 15 Stages of Energetic Literacy

  1. Julian says:

    Interesting post and a useful stage map for energy workers. Have you a flow chart for your stages of awakening to Brahman Consciousness with subsets for Unity (if there are subsets) on your site? If not would you consider doing one as this would be useful for us folk interested in the stage development process.
    Though I note:


    you have done this already in list form….but if there are subtle subsets a flow chart might highlight them well.

  2. celeste says:

    This is all too complicated for me. I just assumed with enlightenment, the 3rd eye opens, clairvoyance and all the other clairs happen and no effort is made to develop perception. This is also a common hindu teaching. Seeing the energy is giving the ability to heal.

    • Davidya says:

      Hi Celeste
      You raise a good point worth emphasizing. This is not a list of “how it unfolds”. It’s a list of how Rose teaches it for those who are intentionally developing advanced skills at energy reading.

      For most people, stage 3 or so would serve them very well.

      It’s also worth noting that awakening is not the same as skills. We don’t gain skills automatically.

      However, what you suggest is a common general understanding but it’s full of issues. For example, not everyone is visual so clairvoyance may not show up. It’s true effort is not required, but some attention may be needed to develop them as skills. As I mention, I’ve had tastes of a lot of this but skilled? Not so much.

      We’re born with legs but have to learn to walk.

      Seeing the energy is NOT the same as healing. It’s a major advantage in healing – key in fact – but healing properly means developing those skills too.

  3. Davidya, thank you so much.

    I got a chuckle over your aha!s about devata interrelating.

    Yes, we — and others — may have many merry conversations to come as we explore different languages and experiences for what will surely become mainstream: energetic literacy that is easy for everyone living now, with just a bit of coaching.

    Easy because we have the privilege of living in a different age.

  4. Back when (like Davidya) I studied with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, he predicted this time. He called it “The Age of Enlightenment.”

    I’m calling it “The Age of Awakening.”

    Maybe each of you readers has your own favorite name for it. There’s room for names aplenty.

  5. Davidya, I appreciate enormously your creation of this flow chart and your initial comments on this new model about how energetic literacy skills can develop.

    One little point of clarification is understandable. You wrote, “Healing skills are based on reading but are another more advanced layer.”

    Actually, when it comes to the skills of RES, that isn’t usually true. I’ll explain more at my blog. Coming fairly soon!

    Today our big new thing is a guest post, courtesy of Davidya, showing the RES community his gorgeous flowchart. Thanks so much, David Buckland!

  6. Jim says:

    An interesting post. I’ve been spontaneously working with this stuff for several decades, after learning the TM-Sidhis in the late 70’s. It has been quite an interesting journey and began with my own “Fantastic Voyage”, but Raquel Welch was not involved this time – lol. I saw into my body, all of the infrastructure in various shades of green, arteries, veins and blood pumping. First randomly, then over the years, focused, with greater depth and differentiation.

    This led to working on others, and learning for example, how to ingest the excess energy generated by physical pain, and convert it to neutral energy, easily dispelled. This ability continues to grow, so that I play with larger areas of healing now, and a wider color spectrum.

    The trickiest bit is looking around without any insertion or indication of my own energy – Key Point, though this too is self-correcting, allowing greater depth and access along with consequent non-attachment. Healing occurs through the precise resolution of energy blocks, vs any additive process.

    I don’t have any particular interest in this ability as it has been with me for a long time now, other than being aware of ongoing growth. I continue to use it when its necessity is revealed through practical life. Many other tools available as well – no gaps.:-)

    Reading the flowchart has some recognizable touch points, and basically runs in parallel with the increased ability of the applied energy work. Thanks for bringing this up.

    • Davidya says:

      (laughs) I remember that film. My own process has mostly also been one of self-discovery. Circumstances arising spontaneously and me muddling through it.

      Rose’s process is somewhat different, partly I think because she’s a “molecular” empath and sees a level of detail most don’t. On the healing side, she has an additive process called “put-in” that ensures the healing is permanent. (if I’m understanding this properly) Otherwise there can be the energetic habits that bring problems back.

      The chart itself is designed as an overview. To understand the terminology being used, you’d need to read the original article and then follow links to many others for examples. I don’t try to explain it all here as I’m no expert.

      Some of it is quite advanced, like being able to watch the firing of databanks in slow motion so you can reprogram the routines.

      By comparison, Stage 3 would be like being able to use a computer, Stage 12 like being an advanced diagnostics technician and Stage 15 like a program debugger.

  7. Celeste, Davidya did give you such a great answer.

    My perspective is different, a complement to his. If you’re curious, your comment has inspired a two-part blog post over at my blog. I just made it live, in case you’re interested.

    • Davidya says:

      Agreed, Rose. Energetic literacy can make a huge difference on the spiritual path. A realistic appraisal of the market offerings based on spiritual development rather than fame or charisma.

      I’ve seen people behave more like lemmings over a cliff. Discrimination needed. But how do you discriminate if you can’t tell what’s smooth talking and what’s real?

  8. Davidya says:

    On Rose’s request, I updated the graphic slightly – mainly adding more comments beside the higher stages lower down.

    This makes them slightly clearer although to understand any of it, you’d need to read up on the skills used.

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