Discernment vs Judgment

I’ve periodically written about the difference between Discernment and Judgment. The first we might call the distinguishing of qualities. The second tends to more be about “right and wrong”. Black and white thinking is less likely to lead to good solutions.

In a recent discussion over on Rose Rosetree’s blog, commenter Isabella made this excellent observation by flipping them.

“Non-judgment’s natural companions are things like acceptance, compassion, humility, willingness to learn.

Non-discernment’s natural companions are things like stupidity, denseness, rigidity, ignorance (often willful), and denial. And suffering. And numbness. And stuckness.”

Love it,

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5 Responses to Discernment vs Judgment

  1. Isabella Cates, an RES Practitioner, did GOOD! And thank you so much, Davidya, for sharing her quote.

    Karma isn’t just something that others inflict upon us!

  2. Isabella C. says:

    Hi David! I’m glad you appreciated my comment. I have a lot of respect for you.

    What I said there passed my internal truth test, and now I feel like it’s passed an external truth test! 🙂

  3. Davidya says:

    Isabella added
    “Something else that is important about discernment: It often requires courage to develop.”


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