Self Knowledge

Self Knowledge is a prominent feature of a spiritual journey. Much of this is unfolding our deeper nature. Knowledge comes about who we are beneath the body and mind. And about the nature of reality, which also relates to who we are.

But what has surprised me is the revelations about the person, those aspects of this expression that have felt like I outgrew them at some points on the journey.

What is present still expresses through this apparent form and personality with its own unique combination and emphasis of laws of nature. My awareness and understanding of this have been revised and updated considerably.

For example, I talked about my astonishment about empath gifts in reading one of Rose Rosetree’s books. This caused a complete reevaluation of how I’d understood parts of my life since childhood. I had unknowingly adopted many very standard unskilled work-arounds to compensate for gifts I’d seen previously as defects. And most of that had become  subconscious while having a huge impact on experience.

Amusingly, this revelation came after the Unity shift. In Unity, you recognize yourself as whatever you put your attention on. I had to learn empath skills but also learn to distinguish between becoming in consciousness and becoming another’s experience. They are actually distinct and operate on different levels but as the second hadn’t been very conscious prior, some experiential learning was required.

Writing is another surprising one for me. While I journaled, I bombed at English and considered it a weakness. And yet, blogging quietly crept in and gradually became more prominent. I discovered the silence could speak this way. Turns out some of the old narrative about writing was based on faulty information that others had reinforced.

There has been a variety of other big surprises along the way. I understand this person very differently than I did a decade ago.

We naturally develop narratives about the world, who we are, what we’re good at and what not so good at. When accurate, they can serve us well. But when off-base, they can be a hindrance or even a major liability.

And thus, part of the spiritual journey is re-tuning our instrument and correcting errors.

Tying into this is the play of time. Sometimes, we have the best learning when we don’t have the whole picture. We can learn 2+2 easier without variables and imaginary numbers. It’s one of the reasons most of us don’t remember past lives. Karma is renowned for coming with a shadow so we don’t see clearly. Then when it resolves, we have clarity and retrospective understanding.

I’ve had a few such examples also, like the writing above. A friend questioned some old data and they turned out to be right. Another part of that completed this week. Once again, a good laugh and a rewrite of the narrative is required. Who I thought this person was? Just a favoured story. Who the actual person is behind that? The actual laws of nature that are here. (including a law to have the favoured story)

Perhaps such shifts sound unsettling or disconcerting. But the clearer you see, the more what is here can express smoothly and without distortion, the more easily we can fulfill our desires, and the more harmony and happiness are the experience.

While shadows can have their time and purpose, resolving them leads to the highest quality of life.

Life is such a curious and fascinating adventure. And the spiritual journey is a coming out of the shadows in so many ways. Even the person.

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10 Responses to Self Knowledge

  1. Amaryllis says:

    Beautiful post! Really enjoyed your articulation of the layers of journeying, hope, joy & renewal 🙂

  2. Davidya says:

    Hi Amaryllis
    Thanks. With occasional reality check in there. 🙂

  3. Amaryllis says:

    Yes yes! That’s why it resonated so much … the reality check … makes the story so relatable.

  4. Davidya, it is wonderful (wonder-inducing) to read about all this unfolding.

    And this is especially sweet to read about since it is has been happening to you.

    Plus, of course, the Empath Empowerment part makes me smile.

  5. With emphasis on consciousness in Enlightenment, which I consider one of your magnificent specialties…

    even in that context…

    the evolution of the human self is fascinating.

    Which made today’s article such a delight for me to read.

  6. You know, my role as an Enlightenment Coach contrasts with yours, because I’m more involved in what I call “Householder Enlightenment.”

    One of the distinguishing characteristics of that is to strongly value the evolving humanity — both before and after crossing the threshold into Enlightenment.

  7. Why mention all this? Because reading your post today reminded me of certain luxe fabrics that show one gorgeous color and texture when held up to the light just so.

    While a different angle will reveal a fabric with iridescent, rainbow colors. They appear related and yet are entirely different.

    This post today showed me the latter. Just a wonder!

  8. Davidya says:

    Hi Rose
    Yes, the give away is in the second paragraph. That tendency to make human life secondary. Still valued but not the center.

    To be clear this isn’t because of some idea or teaching. It is the natural tendency. It’s there in past life history, in the jyotish chart, and in the strong intellectual approach to all this.

    However, in this life, it has not meant being a monk. I have grown children, business success, and other relative accomplishments. This is about self-orientation, not external trappings.

    • Davidya says:

      This relates to some of my recent comments on sattva. The sattva contributing to spiritual development is not so much that of pure diet or special postures or lifestyle but of inner clarity.

      But of course, here I am again exemplifying the consciousness approach. (laughs)

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