How Many?

Recently, Rose Rosetree recorded an example of a Thrill Your Soul Aura Research consultation.  Near the end, she mentions an October 2015 client asking her how many in the world had moved into enlightenment. Rose mentions she didn’t want to research that topic in consciousness but followed through and reported the result on this call. How may in the world are enlightened?

Of course, the answer to this would be relative to her understanding of the term. I don’t define it quite the same way. Where Rose talks in terms of energetic clarity, balance, and divine presence, I use a yardstick of consciousness. One can be clear but not yet awake in consciousness or awake but still unpacking the baggage, for example.

But I thought the answer was interesting. She got 3,000 enlightened.

My first response was surprise – I expected a larger number as did her client. Rose admits that it was smaller than what she expected too.  It suggests I know a larger percent than I would have expected.

Note that this is a round number and can be considered a generalization. I would not treat it like census data. But it’s still interesting to reflect on.

There is a much larger number who are awake but not yet unloaded and an even larger number that are in the approach.

Given the changes we’re seeing on the planet, the contribution of those who have not yet shifted cannot be underestimated. Lots of smoothing is still needed though. I’ve heard it said that if just 20 in Unity+ sit together, the effect will be far-reaching. I’ve seen some of that in smaller numbers. Next weekend, there will be about 8 of us on retreat. So it’s coming…

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  1. Jim says:

    You sure caught my (third) eye with this one David 🙂
    I learned the TM-Siddhis program in 1980, and by 1985 or so, things were really rolling, shattering a lot of boundaries.

    Having a newly discovered dimension to play with, I asked myself the question, “How many in the world are enlightened?” I was not yet awake, but had enough clarity in that area to both see and intuit the answer, which came up as 200 or 250. Then I forgot about it, until reading Rose’s answer just now.

    It looks like better than expected results; if the number of those enlightened had simply doubled every decade from the 250 in 1985, the number now would be just 2,000, so 3,000 indicates some really good momentum. Given common meta-models such as Moore’s Law, and even real estate appreciation, if applied and realized in terms of those awakening, things could really begin to take off.

    • Davidya says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jim. Having a point of comparison adds more insight.

      I have definitely noticed a tendency to acceleration and that potential for exponential growth.

      In the 80’s I could count the number I knew on one hand. Now I meet that many for tea. 🙂

  2. gayanee says:

    ~Next weekend, there will be about 8 of us on retreat.~
    That sounds wonderful! I’m gonna think about this and feel wonderful in my own way when you all are sitting. Is that with Lorne/Lucia/Claire and the group?
    I look forward to the day that when retreats are facilitated by more than one teacher. Specially when teachers of different approaches coming together. Exciting times!

    • Davidya says:

      Hi Gayanee
      Yes, a Lorne and Lucia retreat. I expect Clare will be there and some others. The exact mix I don’t know. But looking forward to it.

      There are such retreats already, but the teachers would need to be complimentary. Broader mixes are more suitable at things like conferences such as SAND. The Sophia panel was certainly a broad mix, for example.

      But yes – it’s a big change. When I was young, people were in one camp or another and considered others to be mistaken.

  3. zen pig says:

    hi davidya. I read somewhere a long time ago, in one of the ancient text, that “if one person in the family is enlightened, (or awakened), it would effect 7 generations of this persons family”………….don’t remember where I read this, but I have seen from what little journey I have made on this path, that my wife and others have had “ah-ha” moments, and they do not sit, or do any kind of spiritual practice, other than being loving, and kind, mindful folks. wonder if there is some truth to this. cheers.

    • Davidya says:

      Hi ZP
      The reference I’m familiar with is 7 generations forward and back. But this is for someone reaching Brahman, not just awake.

      In things like this, it’s not just about the soul’s journey but the bloodline as well. We’re in this together.

      Someone awake would also offer benefits but perhaps not as large and it would depend on how much unpacking they’ve done. Seems to me, the latter would be a good part of it as the energetic load is closely tied with others we’re connected to. Certain kinds of things can be passed down in families – for better or worse.

      I’ve seen various examples of this – such as one partner waking up and triggering their partner or a parent also.

      In some traditions east and west, it is normal for one child to be sent to a monastery or ashram. Part of their service but also to support the family.

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