Adyashanti and Francis Bennett

Several people have mentioned this video and I finally had a chance to watch it all. In it, Adyashanti and Francis Bennett speak on a wide range of subjects around awakening, non-duality, the value of experiences, how things have changed in recent years, and emotional maturity.

I’ve written a number of articles on Adya’s books and spent some time with Francis this fall during the SAND conference. He was also on the Sofia panel. Both are very practical spiritual exponents.

@ 53 minutes above, they begin a Q&A that extends into the second part below. Subjects include emotional healing, devotion and balance of the heart & wisdom. Adya describes his shift into Brahman, post-consciousness, what he calls loss of self reflection. Doesn’t sound like he has context for it. They also ask what’s our business and speak to our effect on the world, now.

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