The Blood Line

The Blood Line

On this site, I emphasize those two aspects of unfolding enlightenment called sattva and atman, clarity and consciousness. It was a prominent theme in my SAND talk. However, from the Ayurvedic source of this, there is Shadbhava – 6 houses.

Half are the 3 aspects we bring into this life from our prior development: Sattva, Atman and Rasa. Rasa means flavour or essence and relates to the style of body we’ll get.

The other half is the blood line. Father, Mother, and nutrition during pregnancy. This means our blood line is also a big player in our growth. It has a major bearing on the body and early life we’ll experience.

This points to a key aspect of our spiritual growth – we’re not just purifying our past but our families as well. This is our obligation – they gave us this vehicle.

The blood line and soul’s history are not mutually exclusive. We’re often born with people we have history with, shifting roles. Parent becomes child becomes cousin. This helps everyone balance things out and resolve the incomplete baggage.

I’ve seen several ways clearing the family line is described, but it is said that full enlightenment blesses the family both backwards and forward for 7 generations. That can give you some sense of the clearing taking place. We’re not in this alone. This is also why many traditions east and west send a child to follow a spiritual path. The families’ pillar and obligation.

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  1. Michael

    Hi David!

    Good article!
    This is seldom discussed. In esoteric Daoism it is said that the quality of our blood (there are other factors as well) is related to our ancestral imprinting.
    From my understanding we have to integrate/release these energies consciously….meaning feeling the energy of our mothers family and the energy of our fathers family fully and be with it until it dissolves (feeling our parents family energy connects us to the ancestral line). Then there happens shifts within our system and understanding comes what has happened.


  2. Hi Michael

    Well -I’m not sure there’s any way it has to happen. These things are processed various ways. Here, there was meeting some deceased family members, sharing of old stories, relatives researching family history, noticing I was clearing stuff that wasn’t “mine”, and so on.

    It also became clear that certain patterns in my life had also happened with my grandfather and great-grandfather.

    But yes, sometimes we’ll be processing stuff more directly and consciously too.

  3. celeste

    Hi Davidya,

    I meditated (TM) when I was pregnant with my 3 children. I also was pregnant with my son when I met Amma. My children are grown. They have all been initiated into TM but don’t do TM. Two are married and wanting to start families of their own. I have forwarded this article to them. I thank you so much for putting out this information. You put into words things that I sense but can’t express.

    Thank you,


  4. Hi Celeste
    You’re welcome. Our children have their own journeys. All we can do is set them off as best we can. They’re a different generation too, and life is calling them differently.

    It’s a great blessing to have them simply start something like TM. While the best results come from regular practice, simply starting reverberates through the life. Saints blessings are wonderful too.

    Like the Mother, all we can do is love them. 🙂

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