Ideas make Stairs and Walls

Ideas make Stairs and Walls

Concepts can be very supportive of day-to-day living. We don’t realize how important they are until we see them being lost in the elderly or brain-injured. As energetic and physiological functioning breaks down, the ability to retain an internal “structure” or story about the world fails. What was known can become a mystery again, like who someone is or how to use a telephone.

But concepts can also create walls. If we hold the idea that a certain race or faith is dangerous, we will have an automatic barrier to communicating with such a person. Not unusually, that can lead to seeing them as an enemy which in turn leads to conflict and war.

The same holds true through the entire spiritual process. Our concepts about enlightenment may be the last wall to the shift in being. It is never our concepts of it, even if those concepts are well-informed from spiritual experiences. Awakening is a shift in being, not a concept nor an experience. Not something mind can grasp until it is known after the fact. This is why we have no words after a profound experience. The mind has not “digested” it yet. That happens later.

This holds true throughout the evolutionary process. Even some concepts that may have served a prior stage may no longer serve now. For example, the Unity stage is a process of knowing through experiencing. We become/ recognize ourselves as whatever arises.

But in Brahman, we are Totality. We know because we are (stretching the meaning of the word). If we come into Brahman expecting experiences of Brahman, we’ll just get a blank. Subject and object are merged in Unity and now even experiencing is absorbed into simple knowing.

There is a distinct difference though between concepts held prior and concepts in Unity and on. Because of our earlier ego-identification, concepts where often used as a protection. They where often driven by fear and aversion so they had an inherent charge and resistance to them.

Through awakening, we drop the ego-identification of a me-self concept, then the emotional drivers of that. Finally, the core identity is released and Unity can unfold. This tendency to use concepts as resistance and create unresolved experiences winds down. With it, the dynamics of karma too.

Concepts thus cease being an energetic barrier to our growth. But there can still be walls. We can still have concepts that get in the way of unfolding. Only now they’re less obvious because they don’t have an associated charge.

Those walls can even be the result of direct experience. It is so very common to be a little bit off in our ideas about initial experiences.

This is where models and discussions about the nature of reality, suited to your stage of development, can be useful. We can see what we’re not seeing and notice what is not unfolding. Gentle attention there can help break through unintended walls that no longer serve us.

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  1. (laughs) Thanks, Geoff. Not for long.

    Being very perceptual, Brahman has been a much slower process of discovery here. What used to work no longer does. I discovered a subtle wall I’d created, based on the initial opening from which Brahman unfolded. Some subtle karma at play, it seems. 🙂

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