The Transition

The Transition

One of the changes people may experience with a major shift in consciousness is in the drivers of life. What used to drive us to action falls away to be replaced by something much deeper.

As the Yoga Sutra describe, when we’re ego identified, we’re often motivated by the avoidance of pain and the attachment to pleasure. We seek what a ‘me’ wants and avoid or repress what it doesn’t. However, this is the essence of suffering and is closely related to the wheel of karma. Round and round we go, chasing what is temporary and constantly experiencing it’s loss – the very thing we where trying to avoid.

When ego identification falls way, the drivers of that slowly (or quickly) shift as well. We then find ourselves moved by nature itself, and then by the divine. Gradually we find life flowing through us.

Over time, this can dramatically simplify our life. It may remain complex on the surface but we lose all the conflicting noise and drama and settle into life itself. We feel supported and things get smoother and easier.

However, sometimes there can be a lag between the old falling away and the new coming on-line. We can lose that ego identification but may still largely be driven by old habits. Our energy physiology also may not yet be clear enough for life to flow smoothly through. There can also be laws of nature still present that are less nourishing.

The old falling away can largely be an internal process or it may express itself quite overtly in our lives. For some I know, the outer stayed much the same while the inner shifted. But for others, the inner and outer both went through major changes. Work, relationships, finances, and more became part of the transition. When some of the karma is roasted with the shift, it may end the circumstances or relationships that where driven by it. Or it may bring what is unresolved to the surface to be processed.

This can begin before the inner shift itself has happened. In other words, the old starts falling away as part of the process prior to the awakening. Only in retrospect can we see where it was going. This can of course be somewhat disconcerting at the time.

We find ourselves in a time of:
a) falling apart, where what had worked before stops working or becomes difficult or feels wrong.

b) a fallow period where what has been looses meaning, stops or pauses. We become without direction.

In other words, it can happen that the old falling away becomes dominant. We may take this as life getting worse or like it has stopped working. But it’s more like a snake shedding it’s skin. The time for the old is over. Now it is for us to discover what is here now.

Of course, this may not be so easy if the falling away is not yet done or the clarity isn’t there yet. So sometimes, we just need to be patient and know that this too shall pass.

We are preparing the ground for the future. Sometimes, this means the old structures may have to be demolished. That isn’t as easy if we’re also in a process of letting go of control.

You experience will vary. This is not universal. Some falling away will take place for everyone but how overt that is will vary widely. And how attached we are to what is falling away too.

But if we have some understanding of what is unfolding, we can know it’s just a phase, a transition, a preparation for what will soon flower. Sometimes we have to climb the mountain to reach the view.

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  1. Collin

    Fantastic article. Thank you. I find myself in this in between fase in which I vascilate between very open and very closed. There is a continuity of consciousness, however it can become very faint.

    My own pattern is a result of multiple trauma’s in childhood and early adult that have resulted in rather intense contractions in my body and emotions. I recently fell off of a roof I was helping to build and hurting myself, but also releasing some of the earlier trauma, and forcing me to deal with what I have not been able to access till then.

    I’m rather tired, and it feels like it’s been a long road. Do you have any recommendations for when the cycles and the torment feel particularly arduos and undoable?

    Thank you for being here.

  2. Hi Collin
    It’s not unusual for an opening to bring a lot of the unresolved to the surface. Adyashanti speaks to this in several of his books. Like:

    Sorry to hear about the injury but sometimes life does that. Key is learning simple ways to allow those traumas to clear without reinvesting in them in the process, such as working on the energy prior to it being emotions. I’ve written about this in various ways here. Check out the Key Posts tab above, the section on Healing.

    If its quite difficult, consider getting some help as it can really be good to have support. Others like the prior Interviewee Kiran are more familiar with handling very difficult traumas.

    You have to be careful not to withdraw but rather connect with friends who can relate, get some light exercise (like walking or yoga) to help facilitate the release, and take extra rest if you need it. I also recommend an effortless meditation.

    Body awareness can help when its strong. Allowing your attention to be on the body and see where the attention takes you. Simple attention on the area can help facilitate the energetic release.

    But of course this is just a comment box on a blog with some guy who has only what I’ve learned for myself to go by. If you need greater help, you need those more skilled and familiar.

  3. btw – it can sometimes seem endless but it’s not. Over time, as the baggage is unloaded, the weight lifts, energy rises, clarity increases, and quality of life takes a big step up.

    You just have to be patient with yourself. You’ve been packing it on for many years. And happily the unpacking won’t take as long.

    1. Collin

      Thanks David,

      It is very reassuring to hear from you, and I greatly appreciate the guidance.

      I’m quite tired, and it can be overwhelming, but ultimately I trust that the unwinding is occuring in right timing, and I look forward to fully trusting into my true nature.

  4. Michael

    Hi Collin!

    I myself had a (re)traumatizing Event in this life (with “re” i mean it was a Trauma pattern from a past life that got activated and it was quite strong).
    David has answered your question allready beautifully.

    I would add that i found the work from Michael Brown (Author of “the presence process”) one of the most precious for really learning to feel deeply uncomfortable stuff. In the same place i put Scott Kiloby with his living inquiries. Both teachers place value on the same theme (Feeling without condition) but Michael uses activation of the karmic cycle to bring things up (situations in our life that Trigger the unconscious load) whereas Scott uses more direct inquiring into a subject. Both complement each other.
    Here is a link to an article (almost a Poem) form Scott talking about these things and that patience is very much required (which i can attest to personally)

    All the best on your way Collin

    1. Collin

      Thank you Michael,

      What a beautiful peace by Scott Kiloby, it reminds me of my inpatience at times and he’s right in that the only way the trauma will let go is if it is fully accepted and given the patience it deserves. I will look into his work as well as Michael Brown’s.

      Thank you

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