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I’ve had several reports of this site or one I link to being infected with Popup ads that trigger their antivirus.

This site is not infected and the popups don’t originate here*. In fact, this site doesn’t have any ads at all unless you count links to some books or other sites as ads. The popups may be triggered by this sites words though. My host is investigating. They said there is “a rash of browser hijackings that inject ads that way”.

However, none of the people who have reported the issue have a known infection.

The sample we’ve seen is a very large ad that looks like a web site but the content doesn’t match the address. In other words, the displayed address is fake. Yet another layer of misdirection.

This post is simply to reassure readers this site does not have a problem and we’re investigating.

UPDATE – well, it turns out the ads WERE coming from here. My apologies. I wasn’t seeing them as I have a browser ad blocker but when a fellow blogger reported the same issue I compared what was being blocked on the 2 sites and discovered the nasty. Turns out one of the modules I use for anti-spam (the drag-a-picture thing on comments, etc) had decided to start using its plugin to serve ads all over end users sites. And they used a disreputable ad network.

End result, problematic ads being served on users sites, often without their knowledge. Not an infection but unannounced, inappropriate, and a possible infection vector. I’m just researching a suitable alternative, then will pull the plug.

Ironic an anti-spam business would see fit to spread ad spam. People make odd choices sometimes.

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2 Responses to Pop-Up Ads

  1. Davidya says:

    See Update in article.

  2. Davidya says:

    The site now has no visible Captcha. There is now a different spambot protection. Seems to be working…

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