How Does it Feel?

How Does it Feel?

While many people are averse to noticing how they really feel, this is actually related to emotional noise rather then our deeper feeling values. This noise is about unresolved anger, fear, insecurity, and so forth. We could call it emotional inflammation. If we can learn to resolve some of that drama, we can discover the rich feelings beneath that.

These feelings are also called things like intuition, the still small voice, our compass, and so forth.

Whenever we’re facing difficult or big decisions in life, we can struggle with expectations or doubts or fears. But if we can settle some, we’ll find that our feelings will tell us the best choice, even if it may not make sense to the mind at the time. By “feelings” here, I don’t mean fear, anger or desire. I mean more subtle.

With practice, we can learn to trust our feelings and act from them. We discover how well we’re actually supported and the trust goes deeper. But if that trust isn’t there yet, try looking at it as an experiment. Or using it for less important choices.

By coincidence, after making the notes for the above, I went to see a film that evening, The Power of the Heart. It’s on exactly this subject.

In the process of making the film, they gathered way more content than could fit, from many well-known names. So they’ve also produced a book which he said goes into a lot more detail. It explores the diverse ways many connect to their feelings.

Another way we can talk about connecting is being “as a child”, with simple openness. “Truly I say to you, unless you become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Jesus, Matthew 18:3) This is, as the film mentions, simplicity. Living through direct experience, living now rather than dwelling on the past or future.

He also commented that “gut feelings” actually first arise in the heart, then go to the brain and then the gut. While I understand the point, I’m not sure I’d agree any one mode of sensing is better than another. I’d also suggest the energy system is near simultaneous, so a heart signal will also be found in the gut and crown. We simply experience that through the mode we’re best attuned to.

I’ll also note this isn’t a light film – it explores the full range of emotions to illustrate overcoming trauma and forgiveness.

Here’s the films trailer:

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