7 Years

7 Years

I launched this blog as In2Deep 7 years and 1295 articles ago this week. It went a little quiet while I got my grad degree a few years ago. And a couple of times while major falling away was occurring within. A year and a half ago, I picked up the Davidya.ca domain and in January this year, it was all migrated to the current site.

When I launched, I was in the middle of writing a related book that foundered on the realities of publishing (rightfully) the following year. Still a work in progress (there’s a lot to cover), though now more as smaller ebooks. The blog launch was also about a month and a half after the initial awakening. And a month after I launched my science & tech blog, ForNow. ForNow was the evolution of a large web design site called Chanticlear that I hand-coded after studying new media in ’96. Just a few colour tables still remain of that.

My own process included several early openings that didn’t fit common understanding. This has driven my desire to understand and share what was discovered. But as a result, I talk more about what I’ve learned from it rather than my own experience. Of course, articles are often driven by experience and the blog has certainly reflected the journey and the stages that unfolded. All very ironic that it would take this form with a guy who seriously flunked English 11.  😉

Thanks for joining me on this rather remarkable journey.

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  1. John


    Really enjoy your site and regularly posted thoughts. Love your angle. Offers much inspiration to this human who is finding his way in a somewhat new paradigm. I save your mails under Third Eye Man!!!

    Its been, and is, quite a journey. Staying focused isn’t easy amid the ‘noise’ of the present paradigm, but since my ‘old self’ is consciously consigned to the bin, and have been on my new journey for a while now (since using Bill Harris’s Holosync programme), am considering launching my musings on the www in the not too distant future. Shall definitely incorporate a link to your site.

    Thank you.

    John Goodridge, from the UK.

  2. An extraordinary journey of service and wisdom, Remarkable Davidya.

    FWIW, this official “English major” considers you a superb writer and communicator.

    Thank you so much for the seven years of labor. And, if fans like me are fortunate, many years more.

    After all, Davidya, things are just beginning to get interesting.

  3. Thanks, John. Much appreciate you touching bases.
    (laughs) And yes, that’s one of the things that opened early.

    Focusing gets easier as it gets integrated. And it’s an important part of that process as well. Good luck on the writing project and thanks again.

  4. Thank you, Rose.
    It has not been experienced as one of labour but rather inspiration. That’s something that arises when it does so sometimes has made for surges and lulls.

    And yes – just when I thought it couldn’t get more interesting, another page turns…

  5. I briefly noted my first anniversary back in ’08 but have not thought about it much since. It is useful to occasionally stop and reflect on the journey travelled. Not to get absorbed in the past but rather for perspective on the present, to see how far we’ve come.

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