Your Power of Command

Rose Rosetree has written a number of books over the years – many of them first in the field, in multiple languages, and gradually being re-released in updated editions. They share a common approach of clarity and humour but each is focused on a specific arena.

If energy healing is rather new for you, you may find it easier to start with her Aura Reading book or if you’re an empath, I’d recommend one of her Empath books first. When you have some context, all of this will make more sense.

I’ve reviewed her books on Aura Reading, Empath Empowerment, and other subjects but her book Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection is rather distinctive.

Like the others, it is practical. There is a set of skills used as the foundation of developing ability. And there is formulae and there is explanations. While much here would be aided if there has been direct experience, that isn’t needed for results. There is no need for high levels of energetic literacy to use those potent techniques.

Yet the techniques are much more subtle than many healing modalities. This isn’t pouring energy into an area or adding colour or symbols. This is directly targeting subtle types of “Stuff” – even beyond our perception – and effectively healing it.

How? Unlike her other books, a key part of these techniques use teaming up with the divine to work. Not as a belief but as a way to call upon a higher pay-grade or skill level than we have to create the healing. If words like “divine” make you nervous, you can use ‘nature’ or ‘It’ or ‘intelligence’ or ‘higher self’. It doesn’t matter.

This does not mean giving up power or influence – this is self-empowering, calling on the skills of your team for support. Remember – it’s called Your Power of Command.

The book starts by reviewing your 5 “cleaning supplies” – energy cleaning that is. All of them are simple things we’re typically aware of but now used in combination in a new process. So first thing is getting to know them each in a fresh way, then using them together.

On that foundation, she then introduces a series of formulae for taking care of specific types of energetic baggage or Stuff. In the series Healing Everything, I mentioned the book under a bunch of categories. This includes cleaning your possessions, removing astral ties, clearing stuck spirits and thought forms and expired façade bodies, even defending yourself from the surprisingly common psychic coercion.

The book goes on to explore each one in detail, defining it and learning how to heal it – all without needing to know it in detail. You just need the right technique.

Some of this healing is quite subtle and complete, taking care of everything related at once. No need to know how many ties or which possessions are carrying dead energy or how big the thought form is. Just clear it all at once with the right call. If you can perceive these things, then you’ll be able to see the process in action. But that’s not at all required.

All you need is the correct way to prepare then implement your Power of Command. I was surprised how potent this was. But then, if everything arises from intention and vibration, why wouldn’t it be?

Rose reminds us to be a “truth teller” because not telling the truth diffuses our power of command. I talked a little of the 4 levels of speech prior. Everything created arises from subtle vibration or sound. Thus it’s important to use our instrument in integrity.

She explores the different kinds of beings you might call upon, helping you get a little clearer on that. She also explores the personal and impersonal and when those aspects can be most effective for you.

Rose also makes some interesting observations, like how Ascended Masters are more effective at this than enlightened humans. Also fascinating to observe the difference between suggesting something to someone once and pushing it at them repeatedly – this is a shift into psychic coercion. Yep – nagging has energetic consequences. We can avoid them if we resolve the vulnerability pattern that lets us accept it.

Where Eckhart Tolle speaks of the pain body, Rose also explores the more subtle belief bodies.

Exploring any one of these could be an article in itself. I don’t have Rose’s level of energetic literacy to do that justice but have had experiences of almost all of it. I reviewed them each briefly back on Healing Everything. The book certainly shed some light on how inefficiently I’d handled some of it.

She also clears up some misunderstandings with ideas like “energy vampires” and “psychic attack”. Thrashing around misunderstandings just creates fear. Proper understanding can resolve fear and make you much more effective at cleaning.

Plus, Rose touches on a few things where a skilled healer will likely be required. But the range of specifics we can heal ourselves is much enhanced.

Like all of her books, it’s the kind of book you’ll read more than once to develop the skills. And refer back to when new things arise. She also recommends learning this in a workshop format as it will be faster and more complete if you learn it with others and guidance.

If it’s of interest, here’s someone else’s review of the book.

All of this may seem vague and woo woo. Yet these subtle dynamics cast a shade over our entire experience of life. They guide our thoughts, colour our emotions, and affect our health. This is about upgrading your entire quality of life. If we’re on a spiritual journey, a big part of clear experiences and handling embodiment is clearing the fog and sludge from our energy bodies. Then we can live it. A good spiritual practice will help a great deal. But tidying up the more persistent roots in the subconscious is much more challenging – simply because it is subconscious. Unless we bring it into awareness, it can remain in the background, dulling the experience and pushing us into old bad habits. Would you like to clean house with a toothbrush or an industrial vacuum?

We can certainly choose to continue carrying it. Or to live it out as a way to resolve it. But that’s the hard way. And if we get it wrong, we don’t resolve it and it comes around yet again – often now with still more of an edge or charge. They call that the wheel of karma. Resolving energy on the koshas can take care of lifetimes in a few moments. And resolving it right is a permanent change. If we remove the weeds root, it will not grow back again.

This is the magic of energy spirituality. Getting to the root of it.

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  1. Daisy says:

    Thanks David. This is a great book to refer back to as you said. I am staying at an ashram this week for Seva. I happened to have had an appointment with Rose during my stay. She advised me to use one of the techniques daily during my stay. I am so grateful that I brought it. I am still loving exploring your blog. You have a real gift. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and explorations and breaking them down in tangible and organized pieces.

  2. Davidya says:

    Thanks, Daisy. Glad you’ve enjoyed my musings.

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