Kundalini is Not Causal

In articles here I’ve discussed the role of kundalini Shakti in the awakening process. However, it’s important to understand that kundalini does not cause an awakening. An awakening takes place when Self recognizes itself through this form, when the observer observes itself and recognizes itself, here.

Generally speaking, a certain degree of dross must be cleared from the energy physiology for awakening to arise and be experienced clearly. But often much more is required after the shift to deepen the experience and develop further. To some extent the process itself creates the clearing, but often various techniques might be adopted to make this more conscious and smooth. Shakti is the feminine process, the embodiment. The smooth flow of Shakti through our energy body is indeed a key part of embodying the awakening. But first we need the awakening.

It’s also worth noting that the chakras are both individual and universal. Cleaning house means clearing all the rooms.

In the past, I’ve described the three main ways Kundalini traditions describe how it’s awakening corresponds to spiritual awakening. In some traditions, awakening is seen as happening when the kundalini shakti rises to the crown. In others, clearing of the energy nadis is seen as the preparation, with a later descent. And in others, the awakening may happen at any chakra, depending on where Shiva and Shakti come to meet.

However, all of this implies that when kundalini reaches the whatever, awakening takes place. This suggests awakening is an energetic event. This is not a valid understanding and leads to the unfortunate conclusion that if you push kundalini with techniques, you will accelerate your awakening timetable.

However, just the fact that there is all this variation points to it Not being causal. Further, I’ve noted many times here that awakening is when Self wakes up to itself in this apparent form. It is Self that is waking up, not the person, not the body, and not the kundalini. (though they all are absorbed over time) As I noted in The Three Parts of Awakening, we may confuse experiences of release or opening with the awakening. But they are not it.

In other words, kundalini rising is a possible effect of the awakening process, not the cause. For some people, they may have an intense rise experience that seems to lead to awakening. But others may not notice a thing, aside from some random release experiences here and there. Only an emotional or intellectual release may be associated with the awakening.

Kundalini Shakti is an important part of embodying the awakening in form. But it is not the cause nor should it be the focus of our spiritual journey. Our focus should be on source, on who we are within. That is what awakens.

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