Living Bubbles

Living Bubbles

I was reminded recently of the importance of our preconceptions, intentions and expectations. There is a tendency for the mind to grasp on to a vision or sense of self and use that for planning and relating with the world. We use such models in all areas of life as a way to relate and learn and perform.

These structures form a sort of conceptual bubble around us, just as all objects have. This bubble acts as a veil if it’s out of tune with the bigger picture.

Now, some suggest abandoning all roles during our spiritual journey. And it can feel like that at some points. But if we are to be a parent or perform a certain job, we’ll still need to learn how to play that role. The role itself is not the issue. It’s playing a role out of sync with our journey. Playing it from the preconceptions of shoulds and musts.

In Autonomy, I mentioned Adyashanti’s quote, “So life can and does respond to that growth, and in many ways it tends to demand more and more from us.” One of the ways this happens is in requiring more precise or accurate conceptions of ourselves as we progress on the path.

We can use the analogy of a rocket. As we go faster, the difference of even a fraction of a degree can take us far from the target. In the same way, a small deviation in our conception and thus intention will tend to cause us to experience resistance or difficulties.

This isn’t internal emotional resistance – it’s resistance in response, like we’re meeting walls or stalling. Our usual support is lacking.

When we meet such barriers, there can be several reasons. It can be due to a barrier we need to push through; some more effort is needed. It can be about timing: right idea, wrong time. And it can be because it’s the wrong direction. We may be holding a subtly wrong idea of our role or who we are and thus what we should be doing. The “should” is a giveaway that we have a preconception involved.

The trick is, it may have once been right. Or it didn’t used to matter. But at a new point in the journey, it may need correction.

For example, we may see ourselves as becoming a doctor. But our destiny is wanting a medic. Or a doctor, but one who holds remote clinics or has a specialty we’ve not considered. At first the idea “doctor” will move us correctly forward. But at a certain point, our ideas of doctor-with-a-city-practice-etc-etc can begin to pull us astray.

How do you tell the difference? How do you discover which it is? That part is the feeling journey. How does this feel? What does the intuition suggest? What feedback am I getting from others? It can be tricky if the conception is driven by a strong desire as the desire makes a lot of feeling noise.

Be patient with yourself. This can take time to see and you may have to pop a bubble that’s been driving your life for some time. Losing it may seem like giving up a cherished dream. But it’s not the dream you let go of. It’s the self-concept that’s driving the dream. As you get closer to the goal, it has to get more precise or you’ll just be fighting yourself and wondering what went wrong.

When you pop the bubble, it can feel like a letdown or giving up or a relief. But in any case, you’ll quickly notice changes around you. Suddenly, what was not moving moves. Where sense of direction was lacking, direction appears. Invitations, relationships, opportunities all show up when we’re aligned with the smoothest groove of our personal time-line.

We can relax and feel life flowing again…

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  1. Share L

    Thank you, D, for clear and useful post. I wonder about what you say about internal emotional resistance not always being present. It seems to me that if there is resistance showing up on the outside, then it indicates some kind of internal resistance. Maybe more mental or energetic or even physical. And the emotional component will be evident depending on the openness of that channel in that particular individual.

    This could be my bias. I like to think that we humans can be proactive.

    Jerry Jarvis said once that as we evolve, our path becomes like the edge of a razor.

  2. Davidya

    Internal resistance will tend to create environmental resistance “showing up on the outside”, yes. But sometimes we experience external resistance without internal resistance. This is because we’re trying to move off-path, wrong time, etc. as above.

    In a deeper perspective, all forms of external resistance originate with internal resistance but if the internal is not yet fully conscious, this will not be apparent and it would be like looking for ghosts.

    If it is conscious as it is with you, this will be obvious.

    Ultimately, all experience is the flow or resistance to the flow. Resistance isn’t necessarily bad – its how things have boundaries. But resisting life pulls us away from satisfaction.

    Good quote. The timeline is a fine line. 😉

  3. Share L

    Ok, I think I see what you’re saying. AND, I’m wondering that if we’re trying to move off path, wrong time, etc. might that not in and of itself be an indicator of some very very deep internal resistance? Yet unconscious as you say.

    I’m having lots of resistance in area of career. I’ve been telling myself that Nature’s not giving me a sign, etc. But it seems more empowering if I think of this lack of a sign as an indication of some internal resistance. After all, the sign might very well be present and I’m just not seeing it.

    This discussion is very helpful for me at this time. Thank you…

  4. Davidya

    Yes, it could be deep or persistent resistance. We could see attachment as a kind of drag that creates friction on the journey.

    The only trouble with the approach you’re taking is that it is blaming you for circumstances. Ego has a habit of making claim of being responsible. It also makes something wrong to make something else right, even when such distinctions are meaningless. By this example, you are making yourself wrong to make yourself right in another way. It can be quite convoluted.

    It might be worth asking what you’re empowering by this?

    I’ve also noted that we can be waiting for a “sign from nature” when nature is waiting for a sign from us. In other words, we have not asked so nothing is offered. Sometimes its because it’s not the right time. Sometimes it’s because we have not made a choice.

    If you have not made a choice, is it because you have not seen what you wanted? Because you’re afraid of what the choice would mean? Afraid a choice would eliminate other choices? Or perhaps you have the life you want already but have a “should” burden that thinks it should be something different? Or that you’d be happy if only? (and are looking outside for what you already have)

    Just something to ponder…

  5. Share L

    Thank you, those questions in the last paragraph are especially helpful. Really good to ponder (-:

    In the first paragraph, are you equating resistance to attachment? Not sure what you mean by that.

    For me there’s a huge energetic/feeling difference between blaming myself and taking responsibility. And I don’t even mind being blamed!

    I’m empowered by taking responsibility. Even for my jyotish! To realize my soul chose some specific and challenging jyotish configuration allows me to align myself with that higher choice.

    To realize that some less evolved part of myself might be manifesting the no-career situation creates a space for that part to be given attention, to see what it wants. Many teachers say it’s usually to protect.

    And most importantly, by giving that part attention, I enable it to develop to its full resolution.

    Feeling into those questions in last paragraph, I realize that there is a should, that I should be doing more with my life, my gifts. But I also want to be doing more. Often my desire is stated in an abstract way: I want to do work I love and do well and that benefits others. Some teachers say to get more specific but that’s as specific as I can get.

    As for the happy if only, funnily enough, this issue often comes up for me when I’m very happy. I want so much to share that happiness with others, to help others access their own inner happiness.

    Ok, thank you again. Replying to your questions as been very very helpful. Yay!

    Have you thought about being an official career counselor? (-:

  6. Davidya

    I would say attachment and resistance are closely related. Attachment can create resistance effects but is in itself a holding. A complete resistance. Resistance itself is more like degrees of friction. Both are a non-acceptance and are the source of pain in our lives.

    Yes, a big difference between blame and responsibility.

    You might try considering your current exploration as your current career. It is very helpful for the group that such people exist. And by your name, we know you share the good parts with others.

    The flip side of responsibility is acceptance. Allowing it to be as it is already. I’ll be posting some further Adyashanti quotes on this soon.

    (laughs) Only briefly. Don’t have the right temperament.

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