Where stories surrender sweetly

Where stories surrender sweetly

Generally, when I quote other blogs, I just excerpt them and link to the rest of the content. But poems lose something if you break them up. Here is one, intact, from Ameeta Kaul.

We are bigger
than the stories
of ourselves
so dear to our hearts

For years
and even lifetimes
we are bound
by and in our stories

For years
and even lifetimes
we dance together
in each other’s stories

Holding each other back
in a common pact
we stick to our stories
and limit our lives

Only one of us
needs let go
of his story
and we are all freed

Freed of the future
and freed of the past
Freed of the pretense
Freed at last

Only one of us
needs let go
of her story
and we are all freed

Freed to hold
stories still
but in our laps
like dear children
without believing
their tales
of monsters under our beds
or Santa in his sled

Grieve not
for lost stories
rather rejoice
in the space
they leave behind
space for existing stories
to breathe easier
and live lighter
till they too
surrender sweetly
to the pulsating emptiness
waiting to turn a new page

Grieve not
for lost bonds
for the only bonds
that can be lost
are in passing stories
rather rejoice
in the truth
where nothing is lost
where love resides
and the one cannot be torn from itself

Ameeta Kaul
The blog is full of such works…

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