Life Leaks Out

Life Leaks Out

Life can be a very curious journey. Because of all our expectations, history, and conditioning, we often end up conflicted about things that are important to us. Money, work, relationships, and so forth. We can even find ourselves fighting against amazing opportunities, simply due to uncertainty. Or more deeply, a mistrust in life’s goodness. Fear makes even heaven seem like jumping off a cliff, even if it’s only a step away.

Now certainly, life circumstances can arise that require us to put aside some things. Like letting go of personal time to raise children. But even there, we can be mindful of how we’re dealing with that. Are we accepting the short-term constraints or rumbling under the surface?

Unless resolved, conflict leads to something being repressed. When our desires are repressed, we spend a lot of energy keeping them so. This not only reduces available energy, it can cause illness and impede our ability to experience happiness. When we’re busy trying to control, we may find the flow of life makes us feel pushed or “forced”. We then wonder why life is not “working”.

And then life starts to squirt out the side. No matter how hard we put a lid on it, those desires are still at play, active beneath the surface. Brewing a stew. At some point, it will leak out somewhere unpredictable. Out from beneath the veneer of “supposed to”.

Then, we find ourselves stumbling sideways into what we’ve wanted all along. Only it may have been so long that we’ve forgotten the desire was even there.

But life always finds a way.

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  1. Share

    Hey D,
    This touches me deeply. I agree. Life always finds a way. To give itself to us more fully. To love us more perfectly. Even if we’re kicking and screaming. Even if we’re hiding in the corner. Life will always find us. Life will always pull us more closely to itself. It can’t help it. That’s just the way it is (-;

  2. David

    Sounds like you have been there and done that.
    And years ago I thought I was the only one who was experiencing life in this way.
    Your first paragraph is right on and especially the last two sentences of the first paragraph.

  3. Davidya

    Hi Share
    (lauhs) Thanks for your thoughts. And then we find we are life itself.

    For a time there, we may debate – did I ask for this? Did nature do it? Did God do it? And the we see that these are all the same thing 😉

  4. Davidya

    Hi David
    Thanks for your feedback.

    Yes, when we feel separate from source, we can fear what life is bringing us, fear change. Even when it’s the greatest blessing.

    I recently joked with a friend that if one pictures grape jello at the bottom of the cliff, perhaps stepping over the edge will be easier. 😉

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