The Manifesting Experiment

The Manifesting Experiment

An insightful article on Andrea Hess’s blog:

As human Beings, we long for answers.  We wish we could find “it” – the formula, the technique that allows us to create exactly what we want.  We know there’s “a way” because we know about the Law of Attraction and have probably successfully manifested exactly what we wanted at least a few times in our lives.

As spiritual Beings, however, we must eventually acknowledge that our conscious creation process is a never-ending experiment.

Manifesting what we want is an integral part of our evolutionary process.  Our Soul longs to experience itself in new circumstances, in new vibrational states.  This is why we are inspired with visions and dreams for what our life might look like if we choose.

When we manifest a new circumstance – a new level of abundance, a new relationship, a new state of health – it’s because we have evolved into a new energetic state of Being.  Vibrationally, we are no longer who we were, and our changed circumstances serve as the mirror that confirms this inner shift.

Once this shift is complete, the very process we so successfully we used to manifest it becomes obsolete.  Because we have changed, how we manifest must change. Sometimes these changes are subtle and we can create fairly consistently for a while, using the techniques that worked before.  Eventually, though, the results we want will remain absent.  Eventually, new expansion is called for … and that always means doing things differently.

We must be willing to give up how conscious creation used to work for us, when we were manifesting what we wanted.  We must be willing to give up how we think it “should” work, or how we wish it could work.  We must stop arguing with the reality of our own new vibrational states and joyfully throw ourselves into the never-ending experiment of discovering what works for us, right now.

At the end of the day, the security and certainty we long for does not come from knowing how to manifest what we want.  It comes from mastering our own ongoing, never-ending change process.  If we are dedicated to our own growth and evolution, the only constant truly is change.

If you’re not manifesting what you want, could it be that you’re stuck on a conscious creation process that you’ve simply outgrown?

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  2. Davidya

    Hi Al

    If you understand the world like many of us do, you’d know that what arises comes from intention. Put another way, we share a responsibility for what we create in our life. While some of life may seem to happen to us, some of it is happening from us. If we learn to create better, we’ll get better results. Thus we learn how to sew or wire or swim. Similarly, we learn how to use our energy and attention in more effective ways.

    The trick with accomplishing in life is thus in finding the right approach, finding the right way to be in the world. It may seem woo woo to learn how to think and intend. But is that a lesser skill than learning to use a hammer? Some examples in our culture may teach us to fight and blame rather than be consistent. Make a decision and stick with it.

    I entirely agree that there is a lot of “noise” a la ‘wish is my command’/ manifesting thinking out there.

    But this article is not like that. It’s talking about people who are well experienced at this but then the rules seem to change and what has worked, stops working so well. Who we are has shifted and thus how we need to use our attention has changed.

    That may not make any sense to you. But I can note what you said in your comment. Because we’re talking about how you are using your intention, if you think the whole thing is “inherently flawed”, then for you it will be. That’s how the mind works.

    I’m not talking about making a mood of it or believing something. It’s subtler that that. It’s a question about what you are giving your attention to, how you’re feeling about it, and what you’re acting towards. If you ignore all that, you’ll think randomly, act randomly and thus get random results.

    For example, if you’re wanting a girlfriend but the tape in your head is telling you you can’t find one, your results will be poor. What are you making real for yourself?

    Like the old saying, if you think you can’t, then you can’t. Or what you put your attention on grows stronger.

    Think of it as a way to amp up the power of your mind. Is it constantly disagreeing with itself? Or is reasonably focused on the task at hand? It makes a surprising difference if you’re all on board.

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