Day: <span>June 5, 2010</span>


One of the more important but curious aspects of life is opportunity. Sometimes we see it but let it slip by, like the beautiful woman who smiled back. Often times we don’t see it at …

The Knowable Future

Is the future knowable? Certainly lots of people build models to try to predict economic trends, population growth, and so forth. And we can say that the future is built of the consequences of the …

Super, Natural BC

And on that theme, while not as fun, my home…  [now set Private] You gotta be here….  😉 Last Updated on April 2, 2014 by

Inspired by Iceland

And now for something Completely Different, as Monty Python liked to say… Who knew Iceland could be so much fun… Thanks Maja 😉 Last Updated on January 29, 2014 by

Knowing Death

One of the curious things about some spiritual communities is that while they speak in great detail about higher states of consciousness, they barely touch on death. While they consider exalted states of being highly …

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