Ask and Receive

Ask and Receive

Many times Jesus is said to have taught “Ask and ye shall Receive.” This is also the essential message of The Secret and ideas like intention and  the Law of Attraction. But are you ignoring what you receive?

In a recent interview with Hilary Jordan, she suggests we ask and then see what comes up. Is there an emotional response? Perhaps we have something to clear or take care of before we can receive.

I thought this was excellent and insightful advice. Look at what arises when we ask. Allow the experience. Notice how it feels. Release the emotions.

Gradually we heal the barriers to fulfillment. And then one day, we ask and we receive directly. The barriers are gone.

This may seem like some huge round-about way of success. But these barriers are filters to everything we experience. Barriers to our innate happiness. Life is bringing us what we need next to experience, what we have next to work on. If you cooperate with and engage that process, your progress through life speeds up markedly. The process gets much easier with practice until it becomes automatic.

And the happiness that is life itself begins to be revealed.

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  1. masi

    It can take a bit of time to sort out what the voice inside, the thoughts, the body sensations, and the heart are trying to say before we know what we are asking for. Once it is clear we receive without having to ask anymore at that point.

    So glad to have you back!

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