Being Empathic

I’ve mentioned Judith Orloff before – she’s very intuitive and understands it well. This longer interview covers a wide range of subjects, from her own history to practical application of empathic skills. Notably she mentions Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue as issues often related to not knowing how to manage and protect ones energy. She speaks of avoiding conflicts that feed controllers and energy drains. Better coping mechanisms than fat, not shouldering it. Breathe, stay centred, water, meditate. She describes a few energy personality types or archetypes: Intellect, Empath, Rock, Gusher and Floater (out of body) and how to balance each.

An Intro – to see if you like it: (4 min)

The full interview: (46 min)
(a PDF transcript is linked)

Are You An Emotional Empath? With a brief quiz.

I spoke about this in relationships prior.

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  3. Davidya says:

    I’ve since come to find vastly better resources for Empath gifts.
    For example, there are over 15 kinds

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