The Quantum Theory of Reincarnation

The Quantum Theory of Reincarnation

Several times recently, I ran into links to an unexpected article by Roger Ebert, the movie reviewer. The Quantum Theory of Reincarnation. Because of his role, the article is getting attention and accolades in the spiritual “press” yet appears to be a practical joke.

He admits he knows nothing about quantum mechanics. (as do most in spiritual circles who use the term) What he means by reincarnation is our parts being found later “in the weather reports”, cast amongst the stars and rain. This has nothing to do with reincarnation but rather the persistence of matter.

While Roger tosses in a number of interesting points, the article is rambling and as he says comes to a vague conclusion. You’ll note he suggests our worlds are created by our thoughts. “…the “self” is essentially an organizing principle which we have imposed upon this chaos.” Yet at the same time, it is our body that “reincarnates”.

This suggests the mind arises as an effect of the body and yet organizes the world of the body. Curious thing for a random side effect. And notice that “We impose” the self as an organizing principle. Who then recognizes there is a we  that imposes a self to organize our reality?

He at least recognizes that he is trapped in his mind. (laughs) And it was a good joke.

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