What Arises

What Arises

It is interesting to see how things come up in “sets”. Quite often, I end up writing an article because the same subject keeps showing up in a short period of time from different places.

Layers of OK
is an example, further reinforced by Tom Stine’s posting on the same subject.

It is interesting to take a look at why this can take place.

For one, it is about attention – what we are thinking about or doing. We filter out massive amounts of information, letting only a small percent show up in our conscious awareness. Much is just dumped. Some is picked up by the subconscious, which very quickly processes it using preset or habit responses. Fast and automatic. Like responding to sudden changes in traffic. And the remainder shows up in our attention. If it is a subject du jour, we are much more likely to notice it. The subconscious may even flag it for attention, like the bad driver.

Put simply, it shows up because we’re watching or attuned to it.

Secondly, is a little more subtle. As the world arises from consciousness, what we put our attention on grows stronger. We get more because that is the intent. This is the function behind ideas like Law of Attraction. If we’re thinking about it, we notice more but we also create more connections.

If you spend any time on a subject you may notice that not only do you notice more, but stuff around the subject starts showing up all over the place. It grows organically.

All this assumes one is open to the subject. If there is any resistance or discomfort with what something may imply, this will discourage growth and throw up a blocking filter. You can tell if you have resistance just by how you respond. If you are mindful and notice an emotional response – however subtle – to words like God, reincarnation, gambling or polygamy, then you know there is resistance.

Yes, there is a big difference between resistance and discrimination. It is perfectly fine to decide you don’t like gambling or the idea of reincarnation. But when the response is reactionary, this is not a rational choice but a resistance that prevents you from seeing clearly.

For example, if you disagree with the idea of reincarnation, then have an experience of a past life, where does that put you? In apparent conflict with yourself. The conflict does not arise with the experience but with your resistance to what arises.

It is perfectly possible to disagree with something without pushing against it and making it internally wrong. If we don’t make it personal, we can simply make a choice. Then we begin to step out of the resistance game and ending suffering.

We can see that things may arise because we’re paying attention or because we’re giving it attention. But there is another even more important way things arise. They arise from what is. From the whole. From the soul or cosmic values. Nature/Spirit/God wishing to get our attention.

Some call this their intuition or guide. The signals or push to look in a certain direction and take a step there.

This is the beginning of stepping into the flow. Of moving with nature. Of not only being OK with what is but living it in every action. If you are impressed by synchronicity or coincidence, you’ll feel doubly blessed by moving in the river of life, without resistance.

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