Seeing Stuff

Seeing Stuff

In posts like Seeing with the Heart or Is God Real?, I talk about some stuff that may sound pretty ‘out there’. God in form, light beings, angels, devata…

I also talk about personalization, how subtle form is more generalized so can be changed by our expectations. This is why there is so much variation in form, but much less in content and context.

The main point is that the consciousness in which we live, who we are, is a much vaster place than we have the remotest hint of. Or can even know. Our universe is bigger and older than we think, but it’s also only one of many. Not alternate, but completely independent universes. And that’s just in this creation, this dream. Within our universe are many layers of reality, each with life.

The point of descriptions like this is to expand your horizons so when an experience comes along, you can begin to differentiate subtle from dream. Or dream of the universe from dream of the person. (laughs)

Equally though, I’ll emphasize that this stuff is not that important, so it should not be your focus. Is it important to visit Sri Lanka in this lifetime? You may or may not. But it might be nice to see some pictures.

Devas we may meet are there for a specific purpose and often find questions of concepts tiresome or meaningless. They work with feeling values, energy. If you haven’t done your emotional work they may find your attention grating. Each of us have multiple devata or guardians but again they’re specialized. In any case, the best thing you can do is experience gratitude. When you get clearer, you’ll be able to offer soma.

You may want dearly to experience this stuff. You may not want it at all. Because of the nature of desire, that pushing for or pushing against will tend to ensure it doesn’t happen. We experience what we’re willing to allow to be as it is.

This stuff does not mean you’re suddenly buried in a whole new layer of stimulus, intruding into your world like a bunch of noisy electronic billboards. At first it may be experienced as if in a separate world. But soon, the continuum becomes clear and it’s more like shifting focus.

In other words, you can turn the experience on and off. See it or not. Listen or not. See it in a shared space or separate space.

Beings you may meet are just like humans – you’ll like some and not others, there’s the nice, the manipulators, and so forth. The good and not so good neighborhoods. Don’t assume that just because they’re nonphysical that they have your best interests in mind. Sometimes they just want the attention. They’ll say whatever you want to hear, however useless and misleading. I’ve seen the same issues with channellers sources.

Just remember that it’s just an experience, like eating a plum. It’s another part of the story. The only real truth is that which does not change, under all experiences and forms.

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  1. gayanee

    I think it’s very important to visit Sri Lanka! Says the Sri Lankan girl haha! Another great read and was very cute to hear you refer to where I was born. Beautiful little island 🙂

  2. 🙂
    Don’t recall now why I used the example. Perhaps in reading something of Arthur C. Clarke. Our exposure to it here is mostly in the context of documentaries about the remarkable wildlife. I’m sure living there is distinct from that.

    I live on an island in a “temperate rain forest” off the west coast of N America. A very different thing again…

  3. gayanee

    I lived there the first 14 years of my life when there was a 30 year old civil war going on. Suicide bombers, armed checkpoints, civil unrest, curfews, severe poverty and war casualties were as common as the waterfalls, the ocean, beautiful mountains, colorful sunsets, amazing food and remarkable wildlife. Just like the subtle dimensions 😉

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