The Light Bulb disintegrates

The Light Bulb disintegrates

I find process fascinating. Recently, there has been some growing clarity of what is developing. The less mapped stages. Then, in reading another’s description of their opening process, further clarity on an aspect of it.

Last night in listening to a talk of Self with Itself in the form of an other person (an awake person speaking from Self), it became clear that the 2 aspects above are the same thing. Several concepts I had held were seen through including one that made me laugh. I used to teach a simple model of how thoughts arise. The cartoon picture of this in my head was in the way of seeing past that. (laughs) Seeing that thought was not a movement out, it was a movement within. A Doh moment, one might say.

Several light bulbs went off and I now need to spend a little time digesting it. I had 2 posts to write that are now on hold until I integrate this. There is also the related old trash that becomes conscious with it, the old story’s.

This is the stage of disintegration in action, when new arises that dissembles the old. Simple allowing and a little contemplation allows the process to complete. The integration that arises from that brings us a vision more complete and remarkable.

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